The two high schools in Chongqing have been included in China’s top 100 high schools, and are known as chongqing’s top two high schools

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The Top 100 Chinese High Schools list is known as “the highest honor of Chinese middle schools”. 95% of famous schools in China are included in the list. The evaluation indexes include five indexes: school reputation, teaching performance, students’ comprehensive quality cultivation, campus culture and environment, alumni resources and services.Located in the southwest of China, Chongqing is a historical witness. In 1997, it was identified as one of China’s four municipalities directly under the Central Government. Chongqing’s economic strength and educational strength are very good, including Chongqing University and Southwest University of Political Science and Law.But the most famous is the basic education of Chongqing, nankai and Bashu series of schools are better in both recognition and strength.A total of two middle schools in Chongqing have made it onto the list of China’s top 100 high schools. Here we take a look at their strength.Chongqing nankai middle school in chongqing nankai middle school history can be traced back to 1936, is China’s famous educator chang po-ling founded one of series of nankai school, formerly known as south chongqing middle school, the school now has two campuses, the campus and overseas area, the hardware facilities, in addition, the school also set up a modern education technical secondary school,And built the observatory, sky museum, multimedia campus network and other facilities.At present, the middle school has 586 faculty members, 494 of whom are full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, 325 have senior professional titles. 100% of the teachers have a bachelor’s degree or above.The middle school also won the championship in the Chongqing Youth Football Championship and the gold medal in the 51st International Mathematical Olympiad. The students of the school are well-developed morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically.Chongqing bashu middle school in chongqing bashu middle school is located in the famous historical and cultural city, has a unique characteristic of running school, the school history is very long, the earliest dates back to 1933, the school asked the students to master a foreign language, with communication skills, learn knowledge, cultivate the ability of lifelong learning and personal development, to adapt to the demand of learning society.Covering an area of 195 mu, this middle school is a relatively large school in Chongqing, with its affiliated Longhu Bashu Primary School, Longhu Garden Branch school of Bashu Middle School, and East Chongqing branch school of Bashu Middle School.The school has complete hardware facilities, including a football field, two standard basketball courts, a special laboratory for science, chemistry and biology, and a multimedia language lab.In terms of teaching resources, there are 4 famous teachers in Chongqing, 14 special-grade teachers, 15 professor-level teachers and more than 260 senior teachers.In the Olympic competition and college entrance examination have achieved relatively excellent results.These two middle schools have a long history, large scale and abundant teachers. They are the two best middle schools in Chongqing and deserve to be listed in the Top 100 Middle schools in China.At present, the two middle schools have a primary school, a middle school and a senior middle school. Parents can give priority to primary schools when choosing colleges for their children, so that they can have a greater guarantee in entering schools, and students can earn money if they enter the entrance examination.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to LAN feng said education