Yang Mi tonight modelling sealed god!Wearing an embroidered skirt to appear in the Flowers Spring Party, so gorgeous

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Yang Mi in February 1 evening stage flowers spring Party, modelling exposure but completely amazing everyone, wearing embroidered skirt she not only let themselves look more delicate beauty, but also let the temperament of the whole person has a lot of promotion.And Yang Mi of this body modeling, compared to her previous party and red carpet modeling to the United States, whether it is on the stage or in the studio’s dress up, let Yang Mi yan pressure, although it is the same a dress, but different ways to wear, also let Yang Mi the United States out of a completely different taste.Modelling one: Yang Mi of inwrought short skirt is dressed up on the stage, contrast studio basked in gave modelling, whole sees more simple and agile, inwrought short skirt modelling, compare with the formal dress design of length of drag ground, can highlight the distinctive temperament feeling of whole person more.Although the skirt is super short skirt length, but the whole body of the model without any nifty lovely feeling, but more outstanding modelling elegant atmosphere effect.Can wear miniskirts out such effect, mainly because the dresses on design details, have a lot of bright spots: 1 the elegance of the color matching is first clothing color is tie-in, the visual effect of color can be increased obviously, so the color is very important for the whole body modelling style shows, and different color show sense of style is completely different.Take Yang Mi’s dress for example. The background color of the whole dress is earth color. The light camel color is closer to the skin color visually, which can not only improve the skin color, but also is a good basic color.And the brightest color, whole body dress is embroidery patterns match colors, blue, red, pink, green and champagne, although a lot of color embroidery patterns, are also light properties, but the color apparent depth change along with the earth color rendering effect, make the whole body many color better are grouped together, also increases the dress sense of visual integrity and balance.Therefore, we can see that the most important color of Yang Mi’s dress is the background color. Camel color can not only balance the color of the whole body, but also highlight the elegant sense of color matching.2 skirt silhouette also has A sense of elegance for the miniskirt, the common skirt silhouette is generally hip skirt, A-word skirt, H skirt these kinds, among which the length of a-word skirt with the miniskirt is A common skirt, because this version will better play A role in modifying the figure, especially the leg type effect.But they can also bring out the sassy side of the dress. If you want to wear the elegant side of the miniskirt, pay attention to the changes in the details of the dress.We can take A look at the shape of Yang Mi’s body, although the skirt is the outline of the A word, but it has an obvious arc shape, the whole skirt has the effect of the O word, such A skirt with the length of the miniskirt, it can be very good to highlight the elegant feeling of the shape of the side.Modelling 2: the modelling that studio of Yang Mi of inwrought short skirt + gauze coat basks in, the stage modelling that compares her has hazy jing Jing feeling more, although just match outside skirt outfit an overcoat, but gauze qualitative add extralong design, those who let whole body wear build more had many modelling feeling.This coat, however, has many bright spots in design.The first is the color matching of clothes, choose gray blue gradient color matching, from the top to the bottom gradually lighter color, to the position of the dress directly changed to white, so that the whole body color matching gauze fabric more mysterious color, at the same time, such gradient design more to modify the figure proportion effect.And clothes garments modelling, also is the whole in one of the biggest bright spot, to coat design, the modelling of garments are often part of the people most likely to ignore, but Yang mi on the coat, garments chose the modelling of umbrella skirt, with obvious sense of fold, the modelling of good let garments have skirt, is better to highlight the whole effect of jing is colourful clothes.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!The text/smile