A four-team deal!Milwaukee gets Ibaka, Bagley joins pistons, clippers strengthens two front line

2022-04-26 0 By

Beijing time on February 11, the NBA trade deadline, according to a report in the famous reporter Shams, a number of sources, the king, the piston, the bucks and the clippers complete big deal, the Kings get the pistons Johnson, lyles and bucks di man chin, the pistons Kings bagley, bucks for the clippers, barca and two future second-round draft picks,The Clippers acquired Hood and Ojele from the Bucks.It’s a deal for each of the four teams, and one that could help their future.First, the Bucks traded Divinzo, which was a natural thing to do, because he’s been in a slump since coming back from injury, averaging 7.2 points and 3.5 rebounds on 33.1 percent shooting.And the team inside lopez because of injury, a long time can not play, the team needs to strengthen the inside, get Ibaka for the Bucks, this is undoubtedly to further improve the team’s depth of the inside.The Bucks are already very strong, they have strengthened their weakest link again, now the bucks are stronger overall, can help the team to win another championship, this trade is very good for the Bucks.On the Kings’ side, they got Josh Jackson, Lyles and Divenzo in the trade, and they got Sabonis after the trade of hield and others.This game they once again strengthen the depth of the roster, Josh Jackson and Divenzo are very capable players, their additions will undoubtedly make the team stronger.This season’s Kings have a chance to make the play-offs.On the Pistons’ side, they got Bagley, and congratulations to Bagley, because he didn’t get a lot of playing time with the Kings. He was the second pick in the draft, and he was very talented, but with the Kings, he wasn’t used and didn’t play well.After coming to the Pistons, I believe he will have more opportunities to show his talent in a new team.It’s a good move for Bagley, but for the Pistons, it could improve the overall talent and make the future brighter.The Clippers also got a boost when they traded Ibaka for hood and Ojeli.Ibaka doesn’t fit into the clippers’ system because of his lack of consistent playing time, and the addition of Hood and Ojele will make the clippers’ roster even stronger.It also helps that the Clippers will pay $30 million less in luxury taxes this season by trading ibaka.The deal has been a success for the Clippers, with the luxury tax cut and the acquisition of two frontmen.Personally, I think this trade is good for all four teams, as the Bucks strengthen their inside and add depth to their roster.The Clippers also reduced their luxury tax bill this season after beefing up their roster, and the Kings got a group of players that could help them win and make the play-offs.The pistons have improved their talent and made the future brighter, and the trade will help all four teams get better.