An 84-year-old man from Anhui province makes a soup made in 1958

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Although the traffic is more developed now, there are shops selling lo mei in every place. There are also some people who don’t leave home for convenience and rent a shop in a nearby town.But today to give you to say that the uncle is very personality, he has done a half life, has not been booth, customers want to eat can only come home to buy, the boss said he is movable type signs, have their own in, no matter where his lo will sell very well, this is really the confidence of fans.He is 84 years old this year, and his family’s old gravy started in 1958.For 64 years now, there are many old customers who come to their home to buy lo mei, and they all come to Lao Lu.Moreover, his small shop is very hidden, which is in a deep alley, and it is impossible to find it without the guidance of old customers. Many people who are attracted by the reputation can not find the shop nearby, so they need to ask the local people for a long time before they can find him.Seeing this only one sentence, the owner of the wine is not afraid of the alley, this sentence is a good display to all the customers who love to eat their dishes.And they are not using gas brine out of the bittern, are made with wood fire big iron pot, the boss said that such pot will be good taste.One more thing, though they home no physical outlets, but a lot of kinds, have common chicken, duck, goose, also has the large intestine, the pig heart, cooked, ears, beef, one of the large intestine and beef prices are 100 yuan a catty, the price of the old goose is cheaper, is 35 yuan a catty, of course the cheapest is the boss of the shop, not in other braised food shop.See the price, have to say the boss braised food sells very expensive, but he felt home soup stock in 64, the finished dish should sell high prices, and every pot braised food to add 22 kinds of spices, it is also the ancestral secret recipe, it is not gaiden, in fact, in addition to these and more excessive, the bath chap of the house of the boss are sold separately,The snout is 50 yuan per catty, the other parts are a little cheaper.However, no matter how expensive the price of their lo mei is, it is always in short supply, mainly because the ingredients are clean and the taste is delicious.Especially feichang, their feichang is very thick, although a little salty, but very good taste, and can not eat too heavy seasoning, in general, very high evaluation.To be honest, we all know that it is not easy to make fatty sausage, because fatty sausage itself will have a very strong odor, to make it delicious, the cleaning must be in place, the soup is also good.