Another low-key scenic spot in Jiangxi has become popular, honored as “China’s No.1 Lotus Village” for its beautiful scenery.

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Speaking of jiangxi’s scenic spots, many friends may think of Lushan mountain, Jinggang Mountain, Tengwangge these well-known scenic spots. In fact, Jiangxi is a province famous for its natural scenery, and many beautiful natural scenery within the territory are from some little-known minority scenic spots.Today xiaobian for you to introduce, is a scenic spot in Jiangxi recently popular, because of its beautiful scenery, it is known as “China’s first Lotus village”, can you guess?May have friends guessed, this scenic area is located in Wuyuan “huangling scenic area”.In ridge scenic spot in yiyang wuyuan county, 7 km southeast of jiangwan town location, it is not only the area of 5 square kilometers, but the beautiful scenery here is like a fairyland in general, especially in autumn, but also attract a large number of photography enthusiasts to take pictures, may be a lot of friends will wonder, just how beautiful in ridge?Huangling spring and autumn season each year, are the local tourist season, to the spring, the rape flower sea here will attract a large number of tourists sightseeing, the rape flower field here is different from the ordinary area, because it is a mountain, so the rape flower field is also stepped, very convenient for tourists to appreciate.After the curtain call of rape flowers, the pansies, Chinese rose and hydrangea here will wrap the whole village tightly, allowing visitors to have a feeling of being in the sea of flowers.In the autumn, also is the most busy season in ridge, because local people want to work for farming, not only to receive a large number of tourists come, every autumn, there will be changes grand bask in autumn, in each house roof, covered by local crops, neatly arranged in the gap between nearly hundred meters on the hillside, not only beautiful, also have very good administrative levels.With the continuous increase of visitors to huangling in recent years, the local also created a lot of characteristic tourism projects, such as streamer forest, base heart bridge, sky street, adventure forest, etc., are very favored by tourists of leisure, if you are interested, might as well personally to experience this, absolutely will not let you feel disappointed.Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any other ideas about Huangling?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Why don’t people go out to travel and stay in b&B?The entrance to a “quiet” subway station in Chongqing, hidden deep in the forest, emerges from the station like an old mountain forest