Comment | we should have the ability to protect “Liu Xuezhou”

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point commentator Kong Yutong these two days, the death of the teenager Liu Xuezhou, so that the topic of network violence has been high heat.Today, the hashtag # Homicidal Cyber violence is trending on Weibo.This is a very interesting topic.But there is also a question worth asking: is network violence not rectified until today?Looking back on the past decade, the urgency of rectification is not unknown. Online violence has been killing people all the time: in 2015, entertainer Qiao Renliang began to be subjected to continuous verbal attacks from netizens, even though he was suffering from depression, after he made an “inappropriate choice of words” on his Microblog.So when he had sleepless nights, took therapeutic drugs, and posted a blog about “living like a cancer patient every day”, there were countless messages asking Qiao renliang to “die” and “the whole family to die”.On the second day of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016, Qiao committed suicide at home as his illness worsened.In May 2018, a family of three from Beijing committed suicide in Hainan province due to debt. After being rescued by the police, the family, who had already given up suicide, was attacked by netizens, who questioned the speculation, and even had their family members murdered.Twelve days later, the family committed suicide again at a highway service area in Hunan province.In 2018, an, a female doctor in Deyang, Sichuan province, was attacked online after she had an argument with a teenager in a swimming pool, and her quiet life was flooded with slander and abuse.Five days later, she committed suicide by taking sleeping pills.In 2021, luo Xiaoxiomao, an Internet celebrity suffering from depression, died after drinking a bottle of pesticide in a live broadcast after being teased and satirized by netizens.In these cases, it is death that finally dispels anger, clarifies truth, brings about reversal, and even provokes reflection.But that didn’t stop the next cyberattack and the next victim from appearing.Aside from the cumulative suicide list, much has changed little over the past decade.The cost of cyberviolence, for example, has been low.Due to the anonymity of the Internet and the lack of legal accountability, most victims choose to swallow their shame.And even in accordance with the “Public security Administration Punishment Law” for punishment, publicly insult others or fabricate facts to slander others, the circumstances are more serious, only “detention for more than five days less than 10 days, may also be fined less than 500 yuan.In order to “pursue liability” through the crime of insult and libel under Article 246 of the Criminal Law, it is usually impossible to prosecute and requires the victim to file a criminal private prosecution.However, private criminal prosecution is also faced with the “realistic dilemma” of obtaining evidence and finding evidence that is difficult to reach the standard. According to a report by “Outlook Think Tank”, among the more than 9 million criminal judgments that can be retrieved on the judgment documents website, only more than 2,000 are related to defamation cases.In other words, in our society, it’s hard to scare cyberbullies.On the other hand, something has changed over the years.For example, the magnitude and intensity of cyberbullying has “increased”.In 2021, the total number of Internet users in China will reach 989 million, and the average weekly online time is 26.2 hours. The deeply immersed online life and the information that is easy to copy and spread at a high speed make the degree of injury suffered by individuals or groups in some cyber violence incidents more severe.And in the context of cashable traffic, there are more professional “incendiary” on the network.Once upon a time, we have been used to the entertainment marketing number, KOL “lest the world is not disorderly”, now, some of the political, social field of big V also rely on MCN company, create conflicts, grab traffic;On many sites, originators earn revenue and receive advertising on a per-traffic basis.Therefore, in many hot events, UP hosts and bloggers rush to use inflammatory views and fierce language, which is easier to get dozens of millions of views and views.Finally, can a more rigorous media escape the sensationalism created by the pursuit of traffic? No.Today, what can we do when we seriously speak of “the network violence that kills people is not remedied”?For example, improve the legal system for cracking down on online defamation, clarify the filing standards of defamation cases and the handling standards of defamation cases as public prosecution cases, so that more “private prosecution to public prosecution” can be achieved, so that the legal help obtained by “Courier girls” can benefit more ordinary people.Deterrence can only be achieved if more penalties for cyberbullying are met and disclosed.For example, the network platform should strengthen the main responsibility, launch the management and punishment mechanism to adapt to the situation of The Times, do not ignore the network violence for traffic and management costs, let alone deliberately create conflicts for traffic at certain moments.At the same time, every netizen in hao Diffuse network, should also consciously become the participant of “resist net violence”.Our public opinion and education should appeal more to the humanistic spirit, care and understanding, and the Internet should also be “human”, awe and public morality.On January 26, at the beach of Hainan, numerous netizens filled the place where Liu Xuezhou committed suicide with flowers and cakes, remembering and consoling the young life that passed away in a hurry.Perhaps, compared with the heartache and reflection after the event, what we should and must do is to enhance the ability of the whole society to deal with cyber violence and protect every “Liu Xuezhou” who may appear in the future.