Penfolds flagship Grange authenticity discrimination guide!Physical teaching out of the box

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As an Australian wine giant, Penfolds enjoys a large market share in China due to its superior quality and brand positioning.In particular, the mid-to-high-end brands with the most well-known brands: Bin407, Bin389, Bin707 and the flagship Grange have always been the first choice of gifts and banquets for some enthusiasts., to introduce the hidden details of Grange wine packaging;Teach you how to protect your rights if you buy fake wine.Grange is one of penfold’s top range of regular wines. The first vintage is’ BIN 95 ‘. It was made in 1951 using Shiraz from multiple vineyards (with a small addition of Cabernet sauvignon depending on the year) and then aged in new American oak barrels for around 18 months.Regarded as one of penfolds’ and all Of Australia’s finest wines, this wine has long been a favourite of wine critics.Prices have also been rising in recent years because of trade.What are the details of Grange?The unified label is different from that of many wines supplied to the Chinese market.Penfolds products exported to China through conventional channels are printed with the back label in Australia.The penfolds label, which combines both Chinese and English with the same standard on both sides, is referred to as “one label” in the transaction.In trade, this is one of the criteria used to judge the legitimate trade, only a very small number of cross-border trade, parallel imports or consumers themselves from other countries brought back without an official unified label.In theory, you should almost never see a work without an integral part of it in the normal channels of e-commerce other than overseas purchase.Specifically for Grange, Bin95’s integrated back label is exactly the same as the normal label paper, with concave and convex feeling, clear font edge, uniform ink color, and no color difference of the front and back label ink.Illuminated by a banknote detector, the Grange logo displays a fluorescent watermark of a photograph of Max Schubert, penfolds’ first chief winemaker.The photo is clearly defined, and Schubert’s beard and hairline are clearly visible with numerous fine dots depicting the edges, rather than smears.On the whole, grange bottle is similar in shape to Bordeaux bottle, but it is also specially customized. The shoulder curve of the bottle is very small, with a sense of “sliding shoulder”, and the bottle body is “slightly fatter” than the standard Bordeaux bottle.The groove at the bottom of the bottle is slightly deeper and limited than the ordinary Bordeaux bottle, with a wavy anti-slip pattern around the circle, and the letter GNH in central relief.Most importantly, there are two laser impressions on the bottle body, respectively on the upper right side of the back label and the upper side of the bottle bottom.The code at the top right of the back label contains penfolds Grange, the year and the specific bottling date.As Grange is also manually encased, the mechanical mark on the seal used by us is not applicable to the identification of 389 and 407 series.However, penfolds is proud of the fourth generation of anti-counterfeit QR code can still refer to.The strip security sticker is a narrow inverted trapezoid on the top and bottom, composed of Pin code (covered with gold film), TWO-DIMENSIONAL code and Logo.Since October 2017, the brand side is using the new version of the anti-counterfeiting label, can directly scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to enter the official identification website, and according to the prompt, enter the anti-counterfeiting label with its own exclusive 4 digits to check whether it is the official authorized distribution products.The downside is that the site doesn’t tell you how many times the qr code has been queried.But this anti-counterfeiting sticker can still give you a very large auxiliary role, as long as you carefully observe, you can see the sticker to prevent the reuse of small cut marks, this is the real TWO-DIMENSIONAL code and imitation of the big difference.Other tips Besides the details above, there are some tips to avoid buying fakes as much as possible.1. If the price difference is not big, it is recommended to buy first in case of polite boxed.Because the details of the gift box are also very rich, the cost of counterfeiting is very high.Penfolds Grange creates unique gift boxes for each vintage, which are part of the fun of collecting.The official gift box also has a good texture, including the Penfolds and Grange Logo on the front, and the badge feels concave and convex.Below is a twill surface inlaid with a metal vintage nameplate.Inside giveaways are tasting notes and a leather wine label…No bottle opener…2. Do not blindly seek cheap, try to buy penfook Grange in the official certification of formal channels, providing a professional standard.There’s no need to risk 100% of the cost for the last 5% discount.What if you buy a problem bottle?Even platforms that aren’t usually prone to problems can have some issues with goods for a variety of unforeseen reasons.If bad luck, encounter this kind of problem, please do not worry, according to the following steps to provide proof, for their legitimate rights and interests: if it is not familiar with the store, it is suggested to start from the receipt of goods, recording unpacking video.Avoid unnecessary trouble.Whatever the store, ask for the receipt and keep it safe.Keep video recordings, photos and other evidence, and store the wine in question.(Label notes can be attached to the bottle, but avoid defaming the label).Contact the merchant and platform to submit evidence and screenshots of the item in question, but don’t send back the payment or invoice until they have a proper compensation plan.If the explanation given by the merchant or platform is not satisfactory, it can be advocated to seek a third party for verification.Normally, appraisal cost needs advocate person oneself advance pay, but if appraisal result supports your judgment, appraisal cost can compensate to pay consumer all the same by tort main body.Official tel: 021-23130333, Address: Room 2608, Phase 5, Enterprise World, No. 150 Hubin Road, Shanghai.If the merchant or platform chooses an unofficial third-party appraisal agency, it can refuse.In any of the above links, if you believe that the merchant or platform reduces its legal liability due to standard terms or company regulations, and expands your obligations;Can find industry and Commerce Department, consumer rights and interests protection agency, relevant media report.If it is worth buying a good price to buy the problem of wine, you can directly contact customer service, Zhang Aunt will help you find the business rights.The official Group of Wine and Spirits lovers is looking forward to your joining us!Learn more about high-end wine, discuss wine tasting experience and get to know wine lovers.