Su Tida did not know to meet the throne, sun shine on kneeling monk wang show off grace, hope to suppress the elimination of Sinina

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Sue as he ascended the throne, I do not know to meet, sun monk Wang Xuanyao favour, according to bow down expectations on eliminating poem Nina Thailand Sue to be called a legendary king, the queen with former crown prince mahath into Bangkok dynasty thirty, but can get the favour of emperor monarch in a short period of time, and the succession of the queen, a handful in Bangkok this history,After all, the Thai royal family has traditionally secured its interests through marriage, and Suthida is the first civilian to take the throne.As the saying goes “make-or-break” full sad muddy road, borrow this sentence interpretation as more appropriate, because before the Sue to the palace, already has four princess with king mahath, respectively is the education of the daughter of the family miss big original princess, little star was born,, and third wife west lamy, Nina and fourth bestowed favor poetry.There each of the contestants have their own unique superior conditions, princess born royal noble, delicate, at a young age form, Nina beautiful and charming as ice, west lamy is prosperous time truly, in this one of the most common is, Sue stewardess origin level general appearance, but the winner was a flight attendant.Actually through the interpretation of the Andrew revealed that Sue as he ascended the throne, the biggest regret is not can will Nina driven from Bangkok dynasty poem, original ode princess because without feelings, mahath king divorce, yu, because fall in love with the air force colonel some insulting the royal family face as the common people exile, shall not be allowed to not return to the royal family, be deprived of the title princess.West lamy due to family members of greed, coupled with later because gave birth to the prince to help work body fat, kneeling, followed by feeding photographed fu fu, monarch king bhumibol as generation, forced to maintain royal face, so the former crown prince princess on a separation of drama, a person heart good prince princess dropped shrines.Actually, according to Andrew follow-up revealed that didn’t know the reason, the original west lamy left, pictures, who is behind the throne succeeded queen, Sue at this point the ChuFei have mounted after a perfect qualifications, experience to life alone seven years, and even the children to help along with the power of the work want to see are deprived.West lamy had left the unbearable, former crown prince princess don’t deserve such treatment, unfortunately beauty since bumpy fate has emerged, have reached the point where they can’t recover, although king to retain ChuFei PuYing title, easy to meet ChuFei back into the royal family, but the queen throne by Sue, he ascended the throne, as the reader aggrieved.Sue as seemingly have dreamed all, actually be ascended to the queen, is not the harem overlord ultimate goal, the queen, he ascended the throne, the flight attendant has Nina on poetry four years time, is to squeeze out my room, Bangkok realize your body is in the royal temple’s wish, but imagine particularly plump, and reality is the backbone.King seemed to know that Sue as inner thoughts, even Nina poem competition queen lost, due to the problem of improper words in a cage, mahath king after eight months of the first time to meet my room, then it is read on the peak of the familiar new white moonlight alone, Sue as is, during the help children get grounded.Andrew admits, Sue as dreaming all want to pressure the poem Nina, but king queen has not given any opportunity, my room eq and IQ has short plate defects, but in the former royal escort with king’s most extreme mahath, Sue amounted to return to Bangkok, Bangkok this time of year after drying as emperor after the deep feeling, the mother of one country’s preferential treatment.King was in the poem, when Nina 37 years old birthday buy from my room at grand gala dinner, specifications than 43 years old birthday quietly ended, Sue, the queen is jealous heart mood, Andrew in drying out GongDou direction recently, Sue amounted to return to the royal family did not idle, open box with king bowed down to the monk Wang Gaoqing according to status.Thai Wang Kang after admission before giving then just announced to meet prince princess regression, Sue had indigestion, as to help work as must the coronation, he ascended the throne, prince su as Nina began to pursue the poetry, the idea of the queen is actually very simple, want to in front of the west lamy no formal return to safeguard their own interests, as to make the readers success is certainly worth watching.