Linxiang, Yunnan: Promote the deep integration of talent cultivation and employment assistance

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“Ready, please click to watch the 2022 ‘100-day Action’ and ‘Spring Breeze Action’ online job fair at 3pm today.” This message has been widely forwarded on wechat moments and aroused heated discussion.In the network the “live” recruitment, xiang area invited titanium microelectronics technology co., LTD., to the hill aprint human resource service company, surging river’s human resource service company “head home studio and post recruitment jobs, employment problems of doubt, answering questions during, to each have a will of labor provides more than three position information,The live broadcast was viewed by more than 50,000 people.In order to implement the “five training projects” deployment requirements of Lincang Municipal Party Committee, Linxiang District pays close attention to the “education” of talents, promotes training by demand, promotes employment by training, constantly innovates the working mechanism of talent service, continuously strengthens the construction of modern farmers, and practically promotes the deep integration of talent cultivation and employment assistance.Questions need to be decided by the people.According to “the need to train what you, lack what fill what” principle, will be 16 to 60 years old have labor ability of the rural labor transfer employment, relocation within, unemployed personnel, urban and rural high school graduation not continue studies, veterans and village (community) cadres into the scope of training, such as by printing training will fishing expeditions notice,We solicited the wills and demands of 198 training jobs from the trainees, analyzed, analyzed, and accurately determined the form, content and method of training.In accordance with the requirement of “no missing villages in townships, no missing groups in villages, no missing households in groups, and no missing persons in households”, a dynamic survey on the basic situation, employment intention, skill level, and job demand of rural labor force should be carried out to seize the golden period of migrant workers returning to their hometowns during the Spring Festival and the key nodes of grid management of epidemic prevention and control.We will form a list of rural workers, those who returned to their hometowns during the Spring Festival, those who want to find jobs, and those who return to work after the Spring Festival.At present, there are 142,600 rural workers in the region, and 3,528 of them returned home during the Spring Festival.Skill training excellent practical action.The modern farmer training project will be deeply implemented, focusing on training rural talents in agricultural production and operation, rural industrial development, rural public service, rural governance, and agricultural and rural science and technology, so as to build a working team of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” in Linxiang who truly understand agriculture, love rural areas and farmers.To ensure that at least one or two people in each 65,900 rural households are familiar with modern agricultural production techniques and understand the state policies benefiting farmers and agricultural and rural reform.At present, 941 modern farmers have been trained in six phases.Focusing on cultivating talents in industries such as tea, specialty breeding, health, tourism and culture, taking the way of “receiving orders” by departments and entrusting third-party training institutions, and combining “theory and practice” mode, precision training of employment skills and labor brand training of rural labor force is carried out.Focus on creating linxiang home economics (nursing care), Linxiang tea art, Burma ning porcelain, Tai kiln pottery characteristic advantage skills brand, has been in fengxiang streets, inner villages to carry out primary tea art teachers and citron planting training more than 300 people.Transfer employment to solve the problem.To solve the inconvenience of receiving information, obtain employment difficult problems such as information, take WeChat, SMS, radio, publicity column, enter a flexible way of publicity, such as entering the village before the Spring Festival, send a letter “to the vast number of migrant workers”, “to the general human resources service initiative, as well as the employment policy of more than 12000 copies of publicity materials;Relying on the network platforms of “Live broadcasting with Posts” such as Linxiang, Hui Folk House, Linxiang Social Public account and Cangjiang Manpower, more than 13,000 jobs from 36 enterprises inside and outside the province have been accurately pushed.With the government “building a bridge” and the policy “leading the way”, the company signed a labor service cooperation agreement with the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Changxing County, Zhejiang province, and carried 15 key enterprises to Mengwang Village and Manqi Village to hold a job fair on site, introducing more than 1300 jobs, the number of on-site recruitment reached more than 600 people, and reached the initial employment intention of 112 people;Through the “point-to-point” one-stop output activities of “out of the door, on the door, into the factory door”, 596 people have been helped to return to work.On this basis, in order to continuously expand the employment capacity, Linxiang District has employed 2,584 people who can not leave their hometown, have no jobs to help them, and have the ability to be competent for the job through the development of public welfare employment, to effectively provide talent support and power guarantee for rural revitalization.Yunnan net correspondent Zhou Luyang Zhe