The Asian Women’s Cup hopes the Chinese women’s football team can bring back the trophy. Let’s shout “More money” again.

2022-04-29 0 By

Tomorrow night, the women’s national football team will take on South Korea for the Asian Cup title.Although the strength, the two teams 55 open, but the current women’s football team is really in the reconstruction period, against South Korea and certain win, so the result is acceptable.However with the individual character of women’s soccer girls, do not spell a fight is not sonorous roses.The Chinese women’s national football team has attracted unprecedented attention since it reached the Final of the Asian Cup in 14 years after beating world champions Japan in a difficult situation.There is even “RNM, add money”.Of course, in the words of experts, both men’s and women’s football teams are national football teams, and the victory of women’s football team cannot be used to “humiliate” the men’s football team.Well, the experts were right.So the men’s football team ignore him, let’s see if the women’s football team can give us a big gift on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year?Previously, the Tokyo Olympic Games in the play-offs, women’s two legs to a 4-3 victory over South Korea women’s foray into the Olympic Games, so the two sides should be familiar with, and for the south Korean team, since the Asian cup finals historic, now at the Chinese women’s football, estimates that will break my neck to kick, revenge is very good to mobilize the reason after all.Compared to the Olympic play-off, The Chinese women’s football team is missing Yang Man and Liu Yang’s Shen Siyu, while wang Shuang, who scored three goals against South Korea last time, is injured or not, Yang Man was not selected, only Zhang Xin and tang Jiali, who created the penalty kick, are still in the team.The south Korean team has not changed much, with lee Min, Ji Xiaoran and Cho Soo Hyun remaining in the competition.So both sides kind of know each other. The only difference is that the coach of The Chinese women’s football team has been replaced by the water guide.From the match against Japan, we can see that every arrangement of the water guide is based on a thorough understanding of the players, and all the arrangements are reasonable and effective.In addition, when the water guide commands on the field, he often shouts “stop, mark and stick to her” to point out the direction to the players on the field.So under the leadership of the water guide, the fighting spirit, defense and indomitable fighting spirit of the women’s football team make up for the lack of level.So ultimately who can win the championship, perhaps depends on the final struggle, to see who can hold it in the end.China is in the Final of the Asian Cup for the first time in 14 years, while Korea is in the final for the first time.Both sides want to win the championship.South Korea has the advantages of South Korea, but we also have our advantages. Although it is not the most important to win the Asian Cup, we still hope that The Chinese women’s football team can win the Asian Cup, which will bring a little light to the Chinese football team and let us continue to shout “RNM, refund money” to the men’s football team.Little white ball, don’t know pretend to know.Pictures from the Internet, deleted.