Party history study together | Red Army highest honor medal why only issued twice?

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The Red Star medal, awarded in 1933 and 1934, is an all-military medal awarded to commanders and combatants in the name of the CMC. It is the highest honor of the Red Army and has a groundbreaking significance and far-reaching influence in the history of the People’s Army.A bloody red star medal (video source:People’s Daily online) of bayi nanchang uprising in 1927 of the communist party of China leads the people’s army was born on the day the red army commanders “bayi” always have a special feeling every year in different forms honor but later quite a period of time the army day of the people’s army “bayi” not as the red army also didn’t set up a unified day until June 23, 1933The CPC Central Committee resolution states:”‘ bayi anti-war, suitable for the commemoration of the establishment of the red army” clear “bayi” is for the first time the red army establishment day on June 30, 1933, the Soviet republic of China the central revolutionary military commission issued “about decision” bayi “for the Chinese red army of workers and peasants establishment day” orders on July 11, 1933 the Soviet republic temporary central government also decided to people’s committeeOn August 1 every year as the anniversary of the founding of the Red Army, Chairman MAO Zedong of the provisional Central government approved this decision, and since 1933, August 1 has become the People’s Army’s Army Day. On July 9, 1933, the Central Revolution Military Commission issued the “Order on the formulation and awarding of the Red Star medal” pointed out:”On the anniversary of the founding of the Red Army on August 1,According to the order sent to the red star medal “and” longtan three jie “money, one of the strong fly is designed ruijin six buildings” red designer “he undertook the red star medal design task is two first-class and second-class red star medal pentagram staggered into a star flower shape is a third-class red star medal is pentagonal star flowers are a symbol of the revolution’s medal of the middle part is the five-star and sparkRound symbol of the communist Party of China under the leadership of the workers and peasants army wholehearted struggle for the liberation of the masses around the five star pattern is marked with the “red star chapter” three characters first class red star medal for gold, awarded to the “leadership of all or a revolutionary war progress and has made special contributions” second class red star medal for silver,On August 1, 1933, Jiangxi Ruijin Revolutionary Military Commission held a military parade and awarded the red Star medal ceremony. MAO Zedong attended the event and reviewed the Red Army team from commander to commander.From the rank and file to the rank and file to the rank and file of the army,Zhou enlai, zhu DE, peng dehuai was awarded the first red red star medal SanJunTuan 1 teacher teachers Peng Shaohui was injured badly in the fighting against “encirclement and suppression” in the hospital failed to attend the ceremony in the hospital after he has been awarded second-class red star medal travelling with the medal on August 1, 1934 ZhongGe military commission awarded the second red army commanders meritorious personnel second class, the red star medal red star medal in 1933 years in 1934 and issued “bayi” two times less than 200 is the highest honor of the red army medal later because of the red army long march revolution situation change is no longer issued after the establishment in 1959, the Chinese people’s revolutionary military museum zhou enlai, zhu DE, Peng Shaohui, Chen bojun, ieong tak chi have donated their treasured red star medal after the red star medal, and for many yearsSince the awarding of various military MEDALS have greatly encouraged the morale of the vast number of commanders and combatants to stimulate the spirit of revolutionary heroism to inspire the people’s army in the battle of blood, fight bravely to win one victory after another to write the people’s army’s magnificent triumph