The 29-year-old Conca is expected to join the Chinese Super League.He’s worth $25 million

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Paraguay international midfielder Oscar Romero, who is currently out of work, has received offers from Chinese Super League teams, according to Brazilian media rance Sports.It is the first time Romero has been linked with the Chinese Super League since leaving China in 2019, but it is unclear whether he will eventually return to the club as he also has offers from the United States and Brazil.Romero has been out of work since his contract with SAN Lorenzo ended in August last year and will need to find a new club to sign for this winter or his career will stall.Rance Sports revealed that at least one Chinese Super League and two MAJOR league soccer clubs in the United States are currently trying to sign Romero, while Brazilian side Botafugo have also been in contact with romero.Romero is estimated to be worth 3.5 million euros, or about 25 million yuan, according to transfer market sources, despite being out of the game for nearly half a year. Foreign players of that level are hard to find in the CSL.Romero, on the other hand, is a free agent and could save the club a considerable amount of money.Romero, 29, is a key member of Paraguay’s national team.To Chinese Super League fans, the player is an old acquaintance.Back in the 2017 season, Romero joined Shanghai Shenhua for a transfer fee of 8.5 million euros. At that time, Romero claimed in an interview that his technical characteristics were similar to Guangzhou Evergrande legend Conca, so he was once known as “little Conca”, and was considered as the successor of Shanghai Shenhua veteran captain Moreno.However, unfortunately, Romero’s time in the Chinese Super League coincided with the quota reduction of foreign players, so his playing time was greatly reduced, until leaving the team, Romero only played a total of 24 games in the Chinese Super League, but did well, with 4 goals and 9 assists.Now, this was not in the first line of the Chinese Super league, but became a rare winter transfer window “big fish”, looking forward to the new season he can return to the Chinese Super League.