The 12th plenary meeting of the Shandong Provincial Committee office was held

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On March 30th, comprehensive governance in accordance with the provincial party committee of shandong provincial committee of the communist party of China office to hold the 12th plenary meeting, in-depth study the implementation of the general secretary of the rule of law thoughts, xi xi visited shandong important speech spirit and important instructions, seriously implement the mobilization meeting in 2022 in shandong province work spirit, work summary, analysis of the situation, to review the documents,Research and deploy next tasks.Lin Fenghai, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee, Secretary of CPC Political and Legal Committee, director of CPC Provincial Office of governing according to law presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.Wang Yujun, Yang Zengsheng, Li E, Liang Zhanguang, Chi Lihua and Ma Lingxi, members of the provincial Office governed by law, attended the meeting.Meeting that since last year, the provincial party committee in accordance with the law for the provincial office in order to study and implement xi and the rule of law thought, conscientiously implement the party central committee policy decisions and provincial party committee work requirements, adhere to the around the center, the service general situation, study and implement xi jinping, the rule of law thoughts go deep go further, comprehensive governance in accordance with the provincial system to further improve, the rule of law construction responsibility further compaction compaction,Efforts to build a legal environment have been intensified, a favorable atmosphere has been formed for the whole society to respect the law, abide by the law and apply it, and remarkable results have been achieved in all aspects of provincial governance in accordance with the law.The meeting stressed that the 20th Party Congress will be held this year, and the 12th Party Congress will be held in Our province. It is of great significance to comprehensively govern the province according to law.We should focus on improving our standing, take the study, publicity and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on the rule of law as a long-term political task, strengthen study and training, publicity and interpretation, research and interpretation, and make more efforts to study, publicize and implement Xi Jinping Thought on the rule of law.We should focus on the main responsibility and main business, comprehensively implement the central government’s “one plan and two programs” and the implementation plan of our province, highlight the “key minority”, deeply practice the rule of law for the people, and make further efforts to promote the construction of rule of law in Shandong.We should focus on the overall situation of the central government, find the right focus, make good use of the platform of the coordination mechanism for the optimization of the rule of law environment and the starting point of the index system for the construction of the rule of law in Shandong, and continue to optimize the rule of law environment.We need to focus on major projects, effectively implement key tasks for building a law-based government, deepen demonstration programs, rectify oversight problems, and redouble our efforts to accelerate the building of a law-based government.We need to focus on strengthening the foundation of the law, make the work of popularizing the law more effective, strictly implement the responsibility system for popularizing the law, improve the culture of the rule of law, serve the practice of the rule of law, and intensify efforts to deepen the building of a society based on the rule of law.We need to focus on giving full play to our functions, improve mechanisms, pay close attention to implementation, strengthen the rule of law at the community level, and work harder to improve the quality and efficiency of the work of comprehensively governing the province in accordance with the law.The meeting heard reports on the preparation of the fifth meeting of the Provincial Committee of All-round Rule by Law of the CPC Provincial Committee and the drafting of four documents, including Key Points of work of the Provincial Committee of All-round Rule by Law of the CPC Provincial Committee in 2022 and Work Plan of Construction of A Law-based Government in Shandong Province in 2022.We deliberated the key points of work of Provincial party Committees governing Provincial offices in accordance with the law in 2022, the Indicator System for building a law-based society (Trial) Division of responsibilities, and a report on work of provincial party committees governing provincial offices in accordance with the law in 2021.