What happened?The US media suddenly changed their attitude: “China’s zero-out policy is right!”

2022-05-01 0 By

In the process of dealing with COVID-19, many Western countries, including the United States, did not focus on the prevention and control of the epidemic, believing that the virus would disappear over time.We see now, however, it is because of these western countries not only as a cause of the current outbreaks are still popular in the world scope, and derived the more and more varieties, this also means that the current worldwide epidemic prevention and control work in progress, which country which country life can resume production as soon as possible, so as to prevent economic recession,China is precisely because of the implementation of the “dynamic zero” policy to achieve today’s situation.At the beginning of the implementation of China’s “dynamic zero” policy on the epidemic, many Western countries thought that our policy was too intense, and that China’s “dynamic zero” policy was a storm in a teacup.However, many western media such as The New York Times and other journalists who have come to China for experience believe that their original views are wrong. It is precisely because of the “dynamic zero-out” policy that China can resume production as soon as possible that western countries have changed their attitude towards the “dynamic zero-out” policy.Many Western media have called on the local government to actively implement the policy of “dynamic zero elimination” as China has done to avoid the recurrence of the virus outbreak, because the virus outbreak has cast a cloud on many western countries, if the situation continues, it is likely that some countries will be the first to face economic difficulties.Industry production, maintaining stability in addition to the “dynamic reset” policy of China has a benefit, it is the foundation in China, the world industrial producer, China’s industrial products in adopted a policy of “dynamic reset” production will not be affected during the study, can in a timely manner to the rest of the world supply of daily necessities.It also means that the prices of the goods we produce will not fluctuate much, and the rest of the world will still be able to buy basic necessities, which is the benefit of China’s “dynamic zero out” policy.So now western countries are beginning to introduce similar policies, but in their traditional world view, such policies still have a long way to go.In fact, if western countries had paid attention to the control of the epidemic at the very beginning, they would not be in this situation now. It can be said that western countries are in this situation now because when they faced the virus at the very beginning, even national leaders took the lead and said: This is not terrible.So why do the people of this country care about the prevention and control of the epidemic?In the current situation, western politicians would do well to give up political posturing and lead by example, otherwise western countries will be negatively affected by their actions if the virus continues to spread.Some sources: Zhengzhou Broadcasting