Qin Knows | “Starting again” of Cultural and Creative Industry from the “Tip of a Tongue” Of Small Goose Tower

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Recently, the cultural and historical circle set off another round of cultural and creative upsurge. The “Small Wild goose Pagoda” and “High Foot Jade Cup”, two kinds of cultural and creative chocolate launched by Xi ‘an Museum, set off numerous xi ‘an citizens and tourists in the circle of friends.In winter and spring, the cultural creation ice cream that leaves a “chill” in people’s lips is replaced by chocolate. Its shape is inspired by the Xiaoyan Pagoda and the Gaozu jade cup, a cultural relic collected in Xi ‘an Museum. Because the top of the Xiaoyan Pagoda is missing and has not been completely restored, netizens joke that this is “a cultural creation that can only be restored with a bite”.”Small wild goose Pagoda” and “High Foot Jade Cup” cultural creation chocolate.In recent years, from the great popularity of Hanfu culture to the continuous “internal volume” of national style song and dance performances, young people have actively erected monuments of “cultural confidence”, encouraging people around to pay attention to tradition and taste the “national trend”.Among them, the rise of cultural and creative industry is an important link for the cultural industry to mature and approach the public.Shaanxi is a historical and cultural province with unique cultural advantages, so it should “cultivate fine grain in fertile soil”, “ride thousands of horses to wind”, and stride out a new track with vigorous cultural and creative industries.The so-called cultural creation refers to the products with market value produced by creative “reprocessing” from specific cultural themes.The essence of cultural and creative products is “culture + creativity”, which enables the culture existing in history, books and cultural relics to be “covered” with the “coat” of modern society, accepted and purchased by consumers in novel forms of expression, and endods culture with brand new commercial value.Traditional and classic cultural and creative products should be called tourist souvenirs. They are mainly notebooks, bookmarks, postcards and other products with single style, old-fashioned form and easy mass production. Today, with increasingly diversified types of consumer goods and diversified manufacturing means of light industry, they seem a little “outdated”.Cultural and creative products can not stand still, change has become an extremely urgent task.The Palace Museum took the lead in breaking the “two arteries” of creative upgrading of cultural products — a 2014 article titled Yongzheng:The article let the Palace Museum IP officially into the public’s vision, “Travel with an order” luggage tag, “I am such a man” folding fan and other cute products, the 600-year-old Palace Museum “rejuvenated”, since then, the Palace Museum has frequently “eye-catching”, from the Palace Museum makeup, lipstick series popular with women,To the Palace Museum “imperial cat” and “ridge beast” fire out of the circle quickly after the production of a series of cultural products, and enter the catering industry turret coffee, “EMPEROR hot pot”……Palace Museum makeup.(photo: the national Palace Museum’s official website) in recent years, the Palace Museum wen gen technically to make the variety show – even on the new palace “, this is star guests follow into knowledge treasure palace, the Forbidden City experts and cross-border issue designers to create a culture creativity derivatives of program, very high ratings, each season have caused numerous topics, become a phenomenal cultural variety.Nowadays, “tasting” cultural creations with the tip of your tongue has become a new fashion.Various museums and scenic spots have launched dozens of cultural and creative food themed with cultural relics, including ice cream, cakes, moon cakes, chocolate and other styles. Starting from the bronze mask ice cream produced by Sanxingdui Cultural and Creative Museum, cultural and cultural exhibition teams from many provinces have joined the “Cultural and creative ice cream Battle”.Hubei Huanghelou ice cream, chime chocolate, Jiangxi Tengwangge ice cream, Gansu Mogao Grottoes ice cream, Shanghai bronze ding ice cream, etc.Cultural and creative food allows consumers to enjoy the cultural “gourmet feast” at the same time they can also “take a bite”, which is full of fun. Some netizens comment that this makes “the world of foodies have more cultural choices”.In addition to promoting culture, the sale of cultural and creative products is also an important way for non-profit museums and low-income and high-cost scenic spots to generate income.Taking the Palace Museum as an example, as a large group of ancient buildings, it is a huge expense to repair and maintain. Under the circumstance of limited allocation, it is essential to create cultural and creative industry chain through IP to achieve income generation.According to public data, the Palace Museum’s cultural and creative sales have exceeded 1 billion yuan every year since 2015.It can not only spread culture but also expand the market, so that consumers can reduce their resistance to “scenic spot shopping” and turn from tourists to fans, realizing a virtuous cycle of income and consumer driven cultural development.According to public information, there are currently 42,000 cultural and innovation-related enterprises in China, among which 6,657 are in Shaanxi, ranking first in China.The industry is booming, and some problems are emerging.Cultural and creative products are different from general commodities in that they have very high requirements for creativity. Without cultural materials, it is difficult to have a “brainwave”.In order for cultural and creative products to flourish, social forces should be widely introduced. Culture and cultural and creative products should never be “luxuries”.The key for high-quality culture to “enter tens of thousands” lies in the extensive and close cooperation between IP operators and social forces to expand and standardize the industrial chain of genuine product manufacturing.For example, there was a debate about “who is the genuine” in the Palace Museum, which greatly affected users’ purchasing and experience.On the other hand, The Chinese game Yuanshen, which allows fans to license IP properly, has increased user engagement due to a large number of fan-made works.The forms of cultural creation should be diverse.Also derivative creation of film and television literature, Disney Park, Universal Studios or Bai Luyuan Film and Television City located in Lantian, Shaanxi Province, are large architectural complexes.With the rapid development of the Internet, online digital cultural creation has also entered the user’s field of vision, from interesting digital mini-games, to music, opera, novel, film and television, animation and then to the virtual display of cultural relics with the help of VR and AR technology, the types are diverse and fascinating.In December 2021, Shaanxi Tourism Group used blockchain technology to launch the 3D digital national treasure “Tri-colored Glazed Horse of Tang Dynasty”, which attracted widespread attention and quickly sold out.Using the matrix panoramic technology, “Reproducing the 20 billion pixel Terracotta Warriors panorama” can lead the audience to have a close-up view of the Terracotta Warriors Pit no. 1.Through computers or mobile phones, visitors can see every detail of the terracotta warriors like a magnifying glass, enjoying a visual experience beyond the on-site visit.20 gigapixel panoramic poster of terracotta Warriors recreated in detail.Good cultural creation should not only be a novelty ornament, but also enter our daily life.Specializing in wen gen product design huangcun cultural creative industrial park of nanjing after survey interviewed a large number of text and the designer according to the practical article and is in a new era of a way out, in addition to the designer’s own design skills to amount to mark, but also has a strong historical humanities, business understanding, understanding of the material and process, product process control, once off one of the links,They’re just hanging it so high in the air that they can’t even be used.”Practicality and technology are inseparable, and the cultural and creative industry should actively explore new technology and expand the expression of cultural and creative forms to all aspects of daily life.For example, in the G20 Summit held in Hangzhou in 2016, hangzhou cultural theme cultural tableware “West Lake Feast” attracted the attention of both domestic and foreign eyes. This is based on hangzhou West Lake culture as the background, the stone pagoda image in “Three Pools reflecting the moon” creative design on tableware, showing the cultural charm of South Of China;In 2019, Xi ‘an launched a bus pass in the shape of the Seal of the Empress of the Western Han Dynasty, which ignited the enthusiasm of citizens to buy it.Another example is the “Four Treasures of Zero Clearance” sticker introduced in Xi ‘an during the epidemic, which greatly increased the enthusiasm of the public to make nucleic acid.Queen’s Seal bus pass.A good sense of experience and participation is also an important factor to attract users.As in the museum in 2021, sanxingdui museum launched “archaeological” blind box, once issued will sell like hot cakes in the entire network, it will place hidden in adobe, let the user himself with a small “luoyang shovel”, “immersive” experience archaeology, many netizens online “unearthed” live, and the net friend to share the fun of Indian arrowheads.The process of “digging treasure” — “immersive archaeology + opening the blind box” — brings consumers a double sense of participation and satisfaction.Blind box of archaeology in Sanxingdui Museum.Designing cultural and creative products can also explore and create new connotations.CPPCC national two sessions in 2022, shaanxi province, provincial secretary-general of tsu Yang Yuan, said wen gen products should be by one or interesting, or warmth touching story closer the distance between products and consumers: “the product is the combination of material and culture, consumers should not buy just one item, have a good story associated with it.In addition to the origin of good products, but also should be given its deep good meaning.For example, a cultural creation riding and shooting terra-cotta warriors and horses, can it mean ‘win the title in one fell swoop’?Can a pair of cultural and creative bronze mirrors symbolize ‘grow old together’…”In addition, careful polishing on the performance of the works also has the opportunity to make modern cultural and creative products into future works of art.Nowadays, the traditional techniques of intangible cultural heritage can still be used for high level handicraft and cultural creation. For example, in June 2021, Shaanxi History Museum used the techniques of cloisonne, gold-inset jade carving and enamel color to create the “gold-inset Animal Head Agate Cup”, the treasure of Shaanxi History Museum, with three non-hereditary inheritors.To create the “Fufuhengtong” animal head cup series museum non-heritage creation works, its selection of exquisite materials, exquisite design, exquisite carving, has become a hot new fashion collection in the collection circle.Fugui Heng Tong is not a legacy creation.The cultural relics in the glass display cases cannot be taken away, but the innovative and diverse cultural and creative products can accompany visitors throughout their lives.The sense of cultural identity is imperceptible and silent.Gen fused the wisdom of the ancients and the present, is the sparkles between culture and modern technology system, and shaanxi culture “ones”, and also to the “whole”, material and spiritual demand under the condition of dual meet, wen gen can even work together with culture of shaanxi “sea”, in Chinese traditional culture, compose a new chapter of the Chinese nation cultural Renaissance.(By Wang Jiazhen and Xin Sijie)