The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has taken ten measures to promote the recovery of tourism

2022-05-03 0 By

– class JuanJuan journalist Beijing culture and tourism of released on March 31, pays special attention to promote the development of tourism recovery rescue support policy implementation work notice, take out ten measures, to promote “on a number of policies to promote the development of services industries difficult recovery, fine ground implement, strengthen the enterprise policy of travel for feeling, steady industry development base.The circular made it clear that preferential tax and fee reduction policies will be implemented in the tourism sector.Actively cooperate with departments of finance, human resources, social security and taxation,Completes the service sector basis deducted from VAT, expanding “six tax LiangFei” scope, property tax relief and town land royalities, micro, small and medium enterprises equipment deductions, periodic lower rate of unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance duty returned, the small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households rent reduction universality policy to carry out the service work in the field of tourism.We will accelerate the implementation of financial inclusion policies in the tourism sector.Actively cooperate with financial management departments, strive to list tourism as a local financial priority support industry, encourage banking financial institutions to reasonably increase the effective credit supply of tourism, enrich financial support means, and continuously promote financial service innovation.In addition, we implemented the policy of suspending the payment of unemployment insurance premiums and workers’ compensation premiums for periods of time.We will improve the implementation rules for tourism enterprises to undertake related activities of government agencies, enterprises and institutions.To support qualified star-rated tourist hotels, grade-rated tourist homestay and other tourism enterprises to provide accommodation, conference, catering and other services for government agencies, enterprises and institutions.The right of relevant enterprises to participate in government procurement on a fair basis shall be guaranteed under the premise of strictly implementing the provisions on the amount of expenditure.In addition, make good use of tourism service quality margin support policy.Extend the suspension period of tourism service quality guarantee (hereinafter referred to as “guarantee”) to December 31, 2022.For travel agencies that apply for temporary deposit refund, if they meet the requirements, they shall refund all of them.We will accelerate trials to replace deposits by insurance.Notification has also proposed that strengthening policy research reserves, continue to focus on the epidemic situation and the impact on the tourism industry, and to timely track recovery tourism enterprises, combining the reality of the region, the integrated use of CaiZhengJiang fill, financial support, project investment, increase consumption and government services means, further innovation more targeted enterprise policies and measures,We will do more to help tourism enterprises reduce costs, stabilize operations and ensure employment.