“Cancellation of commercial housing shared area” why hot search

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On March 7, Hong Yang, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said:It is suggested to cancel the common area of commercial housing.”, ranked first in real-time hot search on Weibo, and this topic has caused a large number of netizens to pay attention to."Cancel commercial housing shared area “;Hot search first, expressed the social public sharing behavior is extremely concerned, even not satisfied.It originated from Hong Kong’s “shared area”. As early as 2013, Hong Kong had cancelled the shared area policy, and there was no case about shared area in the world.However, in the real estate market of our country, the discussion of the cancellation of the shared area has never stopped, and the collection of shared fees has never stopped.In the sale of commercial housing additional shared area is a common phenomenon throughout the country.So, why is the common area of commercial housing so full of criticism?And have been practicing it?First of all, it is largely due to its irrationality and legitimacy. It is not supported by the legal system at the national level, nor constrained by the social conventions agreed to become common.From the legal point of view of fair trade, this is a unilateral act of developers, there is no fair and reasonable, there is a kind of invisible “imposed on people”.Some of the great randomness of the public share of the area delimited, or even ramble, justified, has been divorced from the original meaning of the public share, more difficult to get the general support or recognition of the society.The second is, the so-called equally Shared area, scope, scale, and revenue use, etc., its normative, calculates the commonality of rationality and income, etc., say, the decision is in the developer, equally Shared how much, how to pool, not a set of perfect and transparent, the parties involved in a scientific and reasonable calculation method and basis set.Many buyers of public booths can not see, do not understand, unclear consumption.In particular, many real estate developers have shared area accounted for the proportion of building area is too large, seriously affecting the use of building habitable area, but also lead to the purchase price is not high, many home buyers at least 20% of the house is shared area services and so on unreasonable, unfair.These unreasonable public share for home buyers, equivalent to the area spent money to buy, and their use of the area is not equal, the greater the public share area, the smaller the real living area, invisible increased expenditure burden, serious infringement of the rights and interests of home buyers.Another, equally Shared, the greater the actual for not having let residents enjoy the area of spending, thus to more related fee, is more advantageous to the developers, especially some public welfare equally Shared area, such as public CheWeiFei, elevator advertising equally Shared area, the more the greater the income generated by the will, the more have more benefits to developers.This is also developers spare no effort to promote a common area of a reason.In addition, the construction of China’s current laws and regulations is relatively lagging behind, the lack of necessary guidance and norms for the sale of commercial housing shared area, the lack of clear residential area and other issues, as well as the lack of buyers’ protection awareness, which is also a major reason for the unreasonable existence of shared area for a long time.People call to me and I answer to them.A stone stirred up thousands of waves, bid farewell to the public area, is not only the voice of the people, but also the market economic development.When buying a house, people will no longer spend money unnecessarily and consume it plainly. This is to protect the rights and interests of home buyers and is also necessary for the orderly and healthy development of the real estate market.It is the best response to the call of society and a useful measure to promote social harmony to step up efforts to strengthen legal and institutional safeguards and gradually eliminate the public sharing of commercial housing.(Source: Eastday.com · Orient Express review)