The job fair in Anqiu is both “local” and “popular”

2022-05-06 0 By

A “down-to-earth” job fair set off a boom in the development of anqiu Federation of Trade Unions service enterprises.On February 16, anqiu Federation of Trade Unions held the 2022 spring job fair of “Helping Enterprises benefit workers, Sending posts to Safeguard Rights and Promoting Development together”.The job fair will be live broadcast online on platforms such as “Anqiu Rong Media”, “Anqiu Release” wechat official account, “Ai Anqiu” mobile phone client and “Qilu Gonghui” APP.Nearly 200 jobs from 33 companies were posted on the site, attracting 68,000 viewers.Recruitment with past simple release recruitment position is different, the form of anqiu city federation of trade unions for graduating college students, work home workers, migrant workers and other groups of JiuPin enterprises and jobs don’t understand, easy to cause jump back post duty, through a “live post”, “attorney”, “commend model duty” and so on the way, to the job seekers to promote a large number of good jobs,The company and job seekers have been praised.”Model workers recommend post” clear direction.Anqiu Federation of Trade Unions, taking advantage of the bank’s better understanding of enterprise credit and operation situation, invited anqiu model workers and president of Agricultural Bank of China to the live broadcast room to explain how to choose a good enterprise from a professional perspective.At the same time, to the city’s job seekers “live with guard”, recommended a number of good prospects, good credit enterprises for job seekers to choose.”Lawyer consultation” strong guarantee.In the live broadcast, anqiu Federation of Trade Unions invited lawyers for job seekers to explain in detail the matters that should be paid attention to in the selection of posts, as well as job seekers in the signing of labor contracts should focus on the relevant matters live explanation.And the relevant legal knowledge to understand the reading, to help the majority of job seekers to better understand the relevant employment knowledge, to avoid employment “step on the pit”, to protect the majority of job seekers legitimate interests.”Live with guard” to resolve concerns.Anqiu Federation of Trade Unions invited chairmen of trade unions and gold craftsmen from three high-tech enterprises in the city to introduce in detail the policies related to employees of the enterprises, such as enterprise philosophy, enterprise culture, post characteristics, welfare benefits and talent training from different angles.At the same time, video clips will be used to introduce each enterprise in detail, so that job seekers can have a deeper understanding of the enterprise and the characteristics of the position.Through the enterprise cadres live with the way of post, let job seekers put down their concerns boldly choose post.Live live, the guests also for job seekers, especially college students, put forward employment advice, in the selection of positions, to correctly understand their own ability, to avoid the problem of high ambition and low skill;To uphold the attitude of being responsible for themselves, responsible for the enterprise, make choices carefully, avoid short-term resignation, continuous job-hopping.Follow-up, anqiu city federation of trade unions will be in the “qilu workers hui app” employment service sectors, continuously updated release more new recruiters and job, better use of a variety of forms to show enterprise to the environment for the applicants, hiring and the welfare treatment, etc., for the job seeker and employer to build a bridge from the “family”.(Reporting by Du Zhenqiang, Correspondent, Li Nan, Cao Honglei, Li Zenghou, Dazhong Daily client reporter)