More than 200,000 couriers in Zhejiang will participate in work-related injury insurance

2022-05-07 0 By

The China youth daily client (QingWang reporter, the popular newspaper supplement Jian-ping li) recently, the postal service in zhejiang province, zhejiang province human resources and social security jointly issued “on further promote grass-roots attend inductrial injury to be sure to express network points in the notice, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the express group, promote employees to participate in social insurance of new forms.Earlier, Zhejiang has put forward “17-article measures” to protect the rights and interests of couriers, promoting the province’s more than 200,000 couriers to participate in work-related injury insurance.Liu Xiaojun, 36, a Courier at Shentong Express Company in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, delivers more than 300 packages a day on average. He runs on the road every day and worries about his safety.Liu Xiaojun is the first Courier in Shaoxing city to participate in industrial injury insurance as a new form of employment.’After years of looking forward to workers’ compensation insurance, I finally have an occupational safety policy,’ he said.Public policy institute of zhejiang university researcher Xia Xuemin said earlier, including Courier, take-away rider, mesh about car drivers, many new forms of laborer, for failing to sign labor contract with platform enterprise or unit of choose and employ persons, not attend social insurance (basic endowment insurance, basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance).At the same time, platform enterprises under the algorithm driven, delivery boy, Courier “DORA run” phenomenon occurs from time to time.Zhejiang province postal service for figure in December 2021, postal service, development and reform commission of zhejiang province, zhejiang province, zhejiang province human social security hall and other seven departments jointly issued “about to do a good job of Courier groups legitimate rights and interests safeguard the implementation of the scheme of the notice, put forward the protection of rights and interests of Courier” article 17 measures “, to promote the province more than 20 thousands of Courier attend inductrial injury to be sure.Wei Zunhong, director of Zhejiang Postal Administration bureau, said that grass-roots express outlets that have obtained the express business License from the postal administration department and have the main qualification of employing units can directly handle single types of insurance for employees;For grass-roots express outlets that have registered at the postal administration department and do not have the qualification as the main body of the employing unit, the enterprise legal person belonging to such outlets with the qualification of the express business operation license and the qualification as the main body of the employing unit shall, in principle, participate in the single insurance coverage at the place where the express business operation license is granted.For the promotion of Courier to participate in the policy of industrial injury insurance, In zhejiang Province express Ni Genyan believes that with less industrial injury insurance expenses, obtain powerful occupational injury protection, not only eliminate the worries of employees, but also disperse business risks, improve enterprise cohesion.At present, 8,430 qualified employees of Zhejiang Zto have participated in social insurance, and 3,650 temporary employees have participated in single industrial injury insurance.At present, zhejiang province all over the city, most of the counties and urban areas have been through the Courier little brother insurance single industrial injury insurance policy channel.The Regulations on promotion of The Express Industry of Zhejiang Province, which will be implemented from March 1, 2022, explicitly stipulates that “express operators shall provide work-related injury insurance benefits to temporary employees by participating in work-related injury insurance in the form of single insurance”.Zhejiang province department of human resources and social security industrial injury insurance department head said, express enterprises should be declared pay industrial injury insurance premiums for employees, employees do not pay, pay base unified in accordance with the province’s annual full-caliber urban unit employment average wages determined, the rate according to the relevant provisions of the state.If the Courier suffers accident injury or occupational disease during the period of insurance payment, the identification of work-related injury, labor ability appraisal, treatment standard and dispute settlement shall be carried out in accordance with the Regulations on Work-related injury Insurance, Regulations on Work-related injury Insurance of Zhejiang Province and its supporting documents.Source: China Youth Daily client