Which province does Yunnan belong to

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Yunnan is in Yunnan Province. Yunnan has a mild climate, especially Kunming, which is like spring all year round.On the whole, Yunnan is a very suitable city for tourism.There are many famous historical and cultural cities in Yunnan, and each city is a place that tourists yearn for.Shilin Scenic Area in Kunming, Dianchi Lake Scenic area, Dali ancient City and Cangshan Erhai, Lijiang ancient City and Yulong Snow Mountain, as a whole, these places are very comfortable to travel, as well as Yunnan Xishuangbanna tropical Botanical Garden, Tengchong Geothermal volcano scenic area, Kunming World Expo and other places to play very much.Yunnan cuisine has spontaneously formed dian cuisine, which is popular among the public with its bright selection of ingredients and diverse flavors.For example, cross bridge rice noodles, shredded chicken cold noodles, wild mushroom soup pot, baited silk, Dian Eight pieces, Lijiang Bab, dried pork ribs, rice enema, Naxi grilled fish, Dai dishes, Xuanwei ham…There are so many delicious food in Yunnan, it is definitely a good place for every good eater to yearn for.Enjoy the delicious food and beautiful scenery in Yunnan and enjoy a leisurely and comfortable slow travel.