Zhao Hailin and his party to jiaoyuan township scheduling old village reclamation, Yellow River “four chaos” demolition work

2022-05-08 0 By

This network news :(wang jiehua li hongqiao) February 7, shandong dongming county party committee deputy secretary, county head zhao hailin party to jiaoyuan township on-site scheduling of old village reclamation, Yellow River “four chaos” demolition work, dongming county government deputy county head li shichun, relevant county direct department head, jiaoyuan township party secretary zhou fujing and other scheduling.Zhao Hailin and his team have to dahuang village demolition site, carefully understand the jiaoyuan township each old village demolition progress, construction safety, logistics and other situations, he pointed out that to do a solid beach construction follow-up work, speed up the demolition and reclamation progress, to ensure that the completion of the old village site reclamation and new land indicators identified warehousing.In the Yellow River “four disorderly” kiln factory management point, hai-lin zhao listened to the township JiaoYuan recent work report, “four chaos” of the Yellow River regulation focus garden township to promote “four chaos” of the Yellow River management work give full affirmation, and requires JiaoYuan township to further enhance the political stance, condensed departments together solid push “qing four disorderly” normalization, standardization of the Yellow River.Jiaoyuan township Party secretary Zhou Fujing said, Jiaoyuan township will strictly implement the requirements of the superior, staring at the time node, the Yellow River “four chaos” one by one sales number, thoroughly clean up, firmly in the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high-quality development bear jiaoyuan responsibility, show jiaoyuan as.