A summary of the culture and tourism market of Lizhou District in 2022 Spring Festival Holiday

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During the Spring Festival holiday of 2022, under the strong leadership of the District Party Committee and the District government, all departments at the district level cooperated, and the cultural tourism market of the district was stable and orderly, without a single tourism safety accident or major tourism complaint.According to statistics, the whole region received 832,000 tourists, realizing a tourism income of 399 million yuan.A-level scenic spots received 49,788 tourists and ticket revenue was 685,045 yuan.Libraries and cultural centers in the district received 5610 online and offline people.Organization work (1) strict and thorough arrangement of holiday work.During the Spring Festival holiday, in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, production safety, forest fire prevention and control, and holiday on-duty, the bureau ensures that the main leaders are on duty at the headquarters, the leading team members are on duty, and the organs are on duty 24 hours a day, and other on-duty personnel are arranged to carry out cultural tourism market inspections. At the same time,Urge all tourism enterprises to strictly implement the relevant work requirements of epidemic prevention and control in tourist attractions, and ensure the safety, stability, harmony and order of the tourism industry during the Spring Festival holiday.Special personnel have also been assigned to public cultural venues to ensure the normal opening and operation of public cultural venues, providing rich public cultural supplies for the local people.(2) Precise efforts to preheat the cultural travel market.Before the Spring Festival and during the Spring Festival, the district released more than 10 topics related to happy Spring Festival tourism, consumption and epidemic prevention on its official wechat official account and official Weibo account “Lizhou Wenlv” and “Lizhou Business”.In addition, “Guangyuan Tourism”, “Lizhou Release” and other official wechat platforms also released relevant information.At the same time, qianfoya, Huangze Temple, Tianzhao Mountain, Yueba, Aromatic South Mountain, Empress Hot Spring and other major scenic spots successively launched wonderful activities and ticket preferential policies, which greatly heated the Spring Festival holiday cultural tourism market.3. Continue to ensure market security.Before the Spring Festival holiday, for further normalized epidemic prevention and control work, effectively prevent and resolutely curb all kinds of production safety accidents, forest fires, district party committee government issued the epidemic prevention and control, safety production, forest fire prevention, comprehensive supervision duty unattended work plan, in the district to carry out the epidemic prevention and control, safety production, forest fire prevention comprehensive supervision work.During the Spring Festival holiday, the region inspected 115 cultural and tourism business units, dispatched 103 law enforcement officers, inspected 13 entertainment venues, 33 Internet service venues and 6 performance venues.There are 1 performance management unit, 2 network culture management units, 1 cultural relic unit, 26 tourism management units, 17 scenic spots, and 13 other related units to ensure a stable and orderly market of Japanese holiday tourism.(4) Resolute epidemic prevention and control.The epidemic prevention and control work in strict accordance with the requirements of A grade scenic spot, and A solid temperature sweep the yard, real-name entry to visitors, remind wearing masks, disinfection epidemic prevention measures such as ventilation, strictly implement the “make an appointment, wrong peak, current limit” and “sanduo” requirement, strengthen the scenic area entrance, sightseeing spot, and other key areas and important node management, fight personnel gathered for an instant.During the Spring Festival holiday, the district Culture and Tourism Bureau organized a special team to inspect and spot check the cultural tourism market in the district every day, covering eight aspects, including normal epidemic prevention and control, fire safety, food safety and traffic safety.In addition, special teams will be arranged to carry out inspections in various scenic spots, mainly involving epidemic prevention and control, screening security risks and other aspects, to ensure the safety and stability of culture and tourism.(5) Faithfully carry out the duty.We will strictly implement the system of leadership, 24-hour duty and “daily report” to ensure that all kinds of information is uploaded and transmitted in a timely, accurate and unimpeded manner.We will do a good job in all aspects of holiday emergency response, market supervision, consulting services, security, information reporting and other work.No major complaints or safety incidents were reported during the Spring Festival holiday.Main characteristics (1) Rural tourism plays the “main keynote”.During holidays, rural tourism in the form of spring outing to enjoy snow, casual picking and tasting rural flavor is still a hot product.Fenghuang Village of Longtan Township was successfully selected as provincial key rural tourism villages, Yueba Village was named Tianfu Tourism Village, Jindong Township Qinghe Village was named “The most beautiful ancient village in Sichuan”, Baichao township was named as rural culture revitalization charm towns and other brand benefits are obvious, effectively drive local poor households out of poverty and get rich;The promotion of tourism infrastructure, such as the coverage of “six small projects” in the key rural tourism villages, the setting of signs and signs along the tourism ring road, and the construction and reconstruction of tourist toilets, provide a strong guarantee for the development of regional tourism in Lizhou District.(2) Theme activities highlight “new highlights”.During the Spring Festival holiday, the district will carry out various themed activities. In accordance with the principle of “controlling the offline and enriching the online”,Organize online show, we spend the “village night” intangible holidays culture into m online greetings, obviously by ten songs online show, literature and art into the scenic spot, the state of the rule of law, drama, culture to the countryside, to meet, the games are celebrating the New Year, theatrical performances, entered the country revitalization of the demonstration village theatrical performances, the prime minister visited places — meet QingLing theatrical performances, orientation, high health, tooThe Spring Festival and other themed activities enrich the connotation of tourism and are welcomed by tourists.In total, there were 7 offline activities and 11 online activities, with 5560 people serving outside the museum and 45,200 clicks of online activities.3. Civilized tourism has become a trend.All scenic spots have worked hard to prevent and control the epidemic, strictly controlled the flow of tourists, avoided congestion, carried out various forms of austerity and anti-waste publicity campaigns, and created a civilized, safe and orderly tourism environment.During the Spring Festival, our district formulated corresponding emergency measures for tourism safety in advance, and no tourism complaints occurred during the Spring Festival holiday.One third of the staff of Lizhou District Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports went to scenic spots, star-rated hotels and cultural and entertainment venues to publicize the epidemic prevention and control, forest fire prevention and control work, and required all scenic spots, hotels and other places to distribute and publicize the novel coronavirus health science popularization leaflets for tourists.To date, no suspected novel Coronavirus pneumonia cases have been detected in travellers.