Express not closed for Spring Festival?What about my goods?

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@People’s Livelihood Investigation Bureau This is the People’s Livelihood Investigation Bureau.Focus on what you want to focus on and what you don’t. Investigate what you want to see and what you don’t see.Reporter: Wu Tao “have all the things you ordered before the year arrived?”Recently, many netizens said that the nominal Spring Festival is “express delivery”, but the year before the purchase of goods are now “still on the road”.Whether this is true, the reporter launched an investigation.”The New Year’s express is still on the way.” Recently, some consumers reported to The Reporter of China New Finance and Economics that orders placed on January 25, before the Spring Festival, have not been delivered yet. As of this press, the status of the goods is “waiting for the manufacturer to process”.The order was placed on January 25th before the Spring Festival. It was expected to arrive on February 1st, but the express has not been delivered yet.”When placing an order, the e-commerce platform reminds you that it is expected to be delivered before 24:00 on February 1 (The first day of Chinese New Year), but now the New Year is over, and you haven’t received it yet.”Customer service responded, “The warehouse is not working yet.”According to the customer, after asking the store’s customer service, the customer said “the warehouse is not working yet.””Why didn’t you mark it when you placed the order?”Consumers asked, and when the order was marked by the merchant on February 1 before 24 o ‘clock delivery.”This cannot be set.”Customer service replied.It’s also hard to get a refund.According to the consumer said that the application for refund prompt “after applying for refund, you need to pay the freight of other orders 12 yuan oh”.As of press time, the consumer still did not receive the express.”Because before the New Year to buy more goods, free postage, other things have arrived, only this one has not received the arrival of the goods, the refund will also pay money.”The consumer said.Before the express has not received the goods, want to refund, but also need to pay freight.Many consumers have complained online that the “open express delivery service” has been greatly reduced this Spring Festival.”The seller delivered the goods, but the product in the site does not send what use.””The order was placed on January 25th, and it is still in the warehouse.” “During the Spring Festival, the Courier station in our community was closed, so how could we get the goods?”Many e-commerce companies or express delivery companies have nominal half-day or next-day delivery services, and their services have also “shrunk” during the Spring Festival.”Today’s half-day delivery is fully booked, it is suggested to choose another time for delivery”.Reporter investigation found that sometimes orders will receive similar reminders, half a day to change the next day, the next day to change many days.In addition, “I first signed for you, I will help you to send to the past” situation often happens.Some consumers told The Reporter of China New Finance and Economics, “Such a situation is too common, there are express delivery and takeout, feeling that the delivery cannot be delivered within the specified time, the Courier will call the consumer to say that they have signed for it and will be delivered later.”Some netizens said, “Absolutely, all the pre-festival express at the site for you to sign, and then after the festival distribution.”On the eve of the Spring Festival, many express delivery companies and e-commerce platforms announced that express delivery services would not be closed during the Spring Festival.The reporter noticed that some e-commerce apps were even updated with the words “No closing” prominently marked to attract consumers to place orders.But the execution changed, and the promised “no closing” turned out to be “wrong”.”If you say ‘no closing’, do it. If you can’t do it, don’t put up a sign,” said a netizen.Some netizens reflect the situation.Some analysis pointed out that during the Spring Festival, some Courier stations closed, resulting in the “last mile” stall;In addition, some express delivery enterprises adopt layers of outsourcing, lacking effective constraints on the whole logistics chain, and then catch up with the Spring Festival, the number of workers, which is the root cause of “express delivery does not close” out of shape.What do you think?Have you received the delivery before last year?