Involved water over 19 million yuan!Police in Beihai have broken up a money laundering gang with members as young as 17

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On February 14, beihai police arrested a criminal gang suspected of money laundering in a KTV box in Haicheng District, and arrested a number of suspects.South China Morning News client reporter learned that the gang members are 25 years old and 17 years old.By the time of the crime, the gang was suspected of laundering more than 19 million yuan.It is understood that the criminal gang zhu Lin for the North Sea hepu people.In June 2021, he took the risk when he heard how easy it was to make money laundering for an overseas telecom and Internet fraud ring.In order to expand earnings, Zhu Mou Lin “recruit” to expand “camp”, has attracted Li Mou, Zhu Mou Bin, Chen Mou min to do the team “card head”, responsible for money laundering and matchmaking bank card Lord, and Zhu Mou Lin is responsible for the contact to take single task.At the end of each money laundering, Zhu Lin can get 2% commission, “card head” get 7.5% commission, “card head” then draw a fixed amount from the commission to distribute to the card master and sentry.Police arrested relevant suspects.At the end of 2021, beihai City public Security Bureau East street police station through the suspect Li information research and tracking, and gradually dig out the fraud criminal gang headed by Zhu Lin.Through the inquiry and combing of the bank accounts involved in the case, the police soon mastered the activity law and action track of the gang.With the cooperation of haicheng Branch of Beihai Municipal Public Security Bureau, the suspect Zhu Mou Lin was arrested in a shopping mall parking lot in Beihai city on January 29 this year.On February 10, “card head” Zhu Mou Bin, card owner Huang Mou has also been arrested.On February 13, the police in beihai city a civilian house will suspect Wu mou captured, then seize the chase, on February 14 in beihai City haicheng district a KTV zhu Lin associates Chen Mou min, Zhu Mou Qing, Zhu Mou Hui captured.After interrogation, the above suspects confessed to the illegal facts of money laundering.Among the seven arrested, the oldest is 25 years old and the youngest is only 17 years old, according to investigators.They did not work properly, idle for a long time, in order to satisfy their own extravagance, then moved up crooked brains.”When the suspects confessed the details of the crime, we found that they knew this was suspected of committing a crime, but they were still bewitched by their fellow villagers or peers.”According to the investigators, in order to avoid arrest, the gang members either chose to drive around hepu towns to launder money, or opened a room in a remote hotel for more than ten days.Up to the time of the case, the gang money laundering flow has exceeded 19 million yuan.At present, Zhu Lin and other 7 suspects have been detained by the police in accordance with the law, the case is still being further handled.This article is produced by South China Morning Post, without permission, any channel, platform please do not reprint.Offenders shall be prosecuted.