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Chinese New Year serialized year of the Tiger, the story Board specially launched the “serialized story package”, so that you can read stories in the Spring Festival, enjoy the joy, have a good mood.In modern society, both men and women love yan thin rather than ring fat, but they all love to lie flat rather than exercise.A ‘biotherapy’ for staying fit and inactive has emerged, but it could be deadly…4. In the depths of the cave, the dragon-tiger crawler skirted the sand dune and was a mountain.The hill is not big, but it withstands the attack of sand.At the foot of the hill, there was a black hole.”I came to this area years ago when I was studying desert life on my camel,” Garcia said, pointing to the hole.Caught in a sandstorm, the camel took me to hide under the mountain.After the storm, I noticed that there was a hole in here, and there was a hole underneath, where the reduced-fat fish lived.”Garcia backed up to the hole, got out, groped around, turned on the generator, and the lights snapped on.You can see two tracks running down the ground, and on the tracks is a huge trolley, which you can easily guess is used to transport glass jars.As Garcia maneuvered in the track, the fork placed the jar smoothly on the rail frame.Garcia asked Kang wang to help Alice into the frame, and he started the railcar, slowly sliding down.Hundreds of meters deep into the hole, the eyes open up, there is a wide water, nearly a kilometer long, six or seven hundred meters wide, the water is unfathomable.All around are crisscrossed with karst caves, countless number, under the light, like the crystal Palace.”Wow, it’s beautiful here!” Alice exclaimed.Up there is the dry, hot desert, but up here it is warm as spring, a perfectly comfortable temperature for animals.Wang Kang said dumbfounded, “How could there be such a big underground cave and lake in the desert?””This is my amazing discovery,” Garcia said proudly as he slowly maneuvered the trolley. “There is only one place in the world with a special ecosystem.”Garcia said that the Maya desert in the earth’s ancient times, a vast ocean, as the earth’s crust changes, into a vast desert.The unique geology of the area has allowed the underground lake to survive and form a unique ecosystem.The food chain in the water is that fat-free fish eat small fish, and small fish eat algae, but fat-free fish have a very special way of feeding, which is devouring.They swallow small fish whole, push them through muscles and water, digest them through their intestines, absorb some of their nutrients, and pull them out whole.Small fish feed on algae.Fat-reducing fish are large fish at the top of the food chain. There are only four of them in this lake.Wang Kang exclaims to say: “in a while I have to have a good look, this is really a paradise!”Garcia pull the brakes at the lake, rail cars stopped at the water’s edge terminal slowly, Wang Kang and luis Garcia put the Alice lifted out of the car, looking for a place of rest on the edge of the cliff, saw a hole behind a large stone dry, have put Alice here, they made good, etc., put the fish back to the lake came to pick her up.Alice nodded and said, ‘Thank you!Be careful of Miller and his men, he might try to find us…”Garcia smiled politely. “Don’t worry, they’ll never find this place!”Garcia and Kang wang returned to the rail car and were about to open the tank to release the fat-reduction fish when a wild laugh rang through the cave and hurt their ears. “Nobody move!I’m telling you, Jones has surrendered, and now, all the fat-free fish are mine.It was so easy to get here, it didn’t take any effort…”When they looked up, it was Miller.Garcia’s face suddenly changed. “There were no tracks in the desert. How did you find us?”Miller, surrounded by seven or eight escorts, approached Garcia and said proudly: “Didn’t two of my men climb on your caterpillar yesterday?They were stupid enough not to shoot you, but they managed to put a tracker on your car!Ha ha ha, you can’t see me, BUT I bite you tightly, didn’t think?”Garcia stamped his foot. “Half a minute earlier, turning into the desert, I wouldn’t have let your men climb into the car. I miscalculated!”Miller’s face darkened, he raised his gun, pointed it at Garcia’s head, and said, “The lake is mine. I’ll take as many fat-reduction fish as I can get. I don’t need you to take care of it.””Still have you,” Miller muzzle delimits wang Kang at present, “you also don’t want to live!”Wang Kang said calmly, “Killing us will do us more harm than good.Forget about taking care of the fish, how do you catch it here, how do you transport it, how do you keep it alive?Garcia is the expert. Now I know a thing or two about it.”Hearing Wang Kang’s words, Miller hesitated.”He’s been hungry for two days,” Garcia said. “It’s time to feed him. There are a lot of small fish.Wang Kang took up the conversation and said to Miller: “Yes, it is necessary to feed the fish. Look at the frantic pace of the fish, the tank may be broken.How are you going to get reduced-fat fish out of a cracked jar?”With the stakes at stake, Miller could only nod.Fearing that Garcia and Wang Kang would escape by themselves, Miller sent two of his right-hand men into the water with them to keep an eye on them.The four men got into one of the three boats on the dock, and Garcia fired the outboard at the stern, the propellers whirling, and they made their way slowly into the lake.In the middle of the lake, Garcia turned the boat around and handed the outboard machine to Wang Kang. Garcia threw the net and sailed back up to the dock. Garcia pressed a few buttons on the dock and a set of crane hooks were lowered from the ceiling.Garcia wound up the net, and in it six little fish were seen alive and kicking.Garcia again aimed the net at the top of the jar, and Wang Kang climbed up and opened the lid.The nets spread and the small fish in the nets flapped into the tanks.The fat-reducing fish was starving. With one puff, he sucked all six fish into his stomach and calmed down.Miller also knows he needs to stock up on fat-reducing fish to make it out of the desert safely.He allowed Garcia and Kang Wang to keep fishing, filling glass jars with fish.While fishing, Wang Kang quietly asked Garcia, “Is there any other wharf for this underground lake?””There is one,” Garcia whispered. “There is a small submersible for underwater research on the dock on the northwest side of the lake…”Hearing this, Wang Kang conceived a way in his mind.The fourth water fishing, to the heart of the lake, Garcia was about to hand over the ship with Wang Kang, Wang Kang gently knock Garcia with his shoulder, a wink to him, Garcia understood, two people pretend to look for things at the foot of two monitors, monitors stood up, but also lifted the feet.Kang and Garcia suddenly turned on the two men and pushed them overboard.Wang Kang then opened the oil door to the maximum, “tutututu” straight into the northwest of the lake.The two watchers had been on board for a long time, and had long since let up.They fell into the water “plop! Plop!” Shouting “Help!” which alarmed Miller.Miller immediately took the rest of his men and launched the other two tin boats from the dock, sending waves crashing into the middle of the lake.The tin boat approached the drowning watcher and was about to rescue him when two huge fat-reducing fish sprang out of the water and sucked the drowning man into his mouth.Then the fat-reduction fish crashed into the water, sending waves a meter or two high and nearly capsizing their tin boat.From the bow Miller swore, “Damn the fish!”Kang wang and Garcia are closing in on the northwest pier, and the submersible is in sight.Miller fired furiously behind them, and one bullet hit the outboard.The outboard engine burst into flames and the propeller slowly stopped turning.Wang Kang shouted: “Hurry to dive, the boat can not go!”The tin boat rushed forward for a while, still more than 20 meters from the dock, and slowly stopped.Wang Kang and Garcia jumped into the water from the bow, each carrying a piece of wood he had taken from the boat and paddling on.When Miller saw that their boat was wrecked and they were in water again, he sped off and dashed on.At this moment, Wang Kang and Garcia feel the bottom of the current surging, look back, just the two fat-reducing fish one after the other to swim over, immediately will inhale them into the stomach, but two people do not have oxygen mask, a fish into the belly, will undoubtedly die.Two lives are at stake.The leading fat-cutter was about to open his mouth, but he didn’t want to stop. He turned on the spot, opened his mouth wide, and a man shot out of his throat.The rapid current carried the man straight towards Wang Kang.Wang Kang was pushed by the current and quickly floated towards the dock.Wang Kang grabbed Garcia next to him, and the two quickly grabbed the stone wall of the dock.And look at the man floating in the water, the same watcher that had just been swallowed by a fat-reducing fish in the middle of the lake.It seems that the clothes and shoes he was wearing got stuck in the throat of the fish and the fish spat it out.Of course, people are already dead.Garcia clamped up on his hands and feet, opened the sealed hatch and reached out to hold Wang.The two men got into the submersible and fired it up.The submersible sank slowly as Miller’s tin boat bore up.The submersible headed out into the middle of the lake in deep water. Under the searchlight, small fish swam in schools, and three huge fat-reducing fish swam nearby, alert for intruders.Miller fired a blind shot into the water from the tin boat.Bullets break up the water, creating a linear spray that passes around the submersible.Miller lost the target and began to swear impatiently.Two tin boats split up on the water, trying to find the submersible.The submersible is hidden under the water, but the movement of the tin ship is very clear from above.Garcia quietly attached his submersible to the bottom of a tin boat, and with a sudden thrust, the tin boat turned over and the men on board fell overboard.When the fat-reducing fish saw anything living, they rushed up and swallowed it.Miller was quick to think. Seeing the change, he turned his boat around and headed for shore.Garcia gave chase, not getting too close to the water, and Miller saw the waves and lights. Several shots hit the glass, sending water gushing into the cockpit.Fortunately, the submersible had oxygen masks, which the pair had worn as soon as they entered the capsule.Wang Kang felt in his pocket and said, “If you follow me closely, maybe you will not die.”With that, they dived into the water.Seeing another man fall, the fish opened his mouth and went for Garcia first.Taking advantage of this moment, Wang Kang swam up to the fish, grabbed one of its pelvic fins, took some silver needles out of his pocket, and stuck them heavily behind the pelvic fins. The fish was possessed, shivered all over, and instantly became quiet.At this time, two other fat-reducing fish nearby repeatedly cruise, as if to check the situation.Wang Kang seized the opportunity and took out two silver needles and stuck them on the heads of the two fish.Two fat reduction fish immediately manic abnormal, jumped out of the water, beat a seven or eight meters high waves.Miller’s tin boat was turned over by the waves and everyone on board was thrown overboard.Instantly, two manic fat-reducing fish swallowed them and swam away, splashing the waves.It’ll take some time for them to dislodge the men, and the threat will be over for now.Wang Kang and Garcia rose to the surface and swam slowly to shore.Two people climb ashore, Wang Kang breathlessly say: “buddy, hurry to pick up Ailisi.””How do you make one go quiet and the other two go wild?” Garcia asked as they helped each other along.”Besides human bodies, I have also studied animals, and fish also have something similar to acupuncture points,” Laughs Wang.A needle inserted into the pelvic fin makes it quiet, a needle inserted into the crown of the head makes it manic…”Garcia gave a thumbs-up and said, “Amazing, even more amazing than this cave!”As they walked and talked, Miller climbed out of the water, soaking wet, and stood in their way like a giant.Miller, unarmed, grinned hysterically and said, “Surprise, I’m still alive!Everything here is mine alone!”With a dull thud, Miller fell forward to his knees, passed out, and slid into the water.Two people fixed eyes a look, Behind Miller, is a group of fiery red hair – Alice!’I’ve been resting behind a rock,’ Alice said excitedly, ‘but I’ve been keeping my eyes open.I saw you were safe, and was about to come out, when MILLER came out of the water first — he was so fat the fish couldn’t swallow him in one gulp, so they spat him out first.But little did he know that I would be right behind him, and I picked up a big stone and knocked him unconscious…”Wang Kang an embrace Ailisi, say: “thank you, saved us!”Before they left, they opened the sealed door behind the glass jar on the dock, and a huge torrent of water swept the huge fat-reducing fish and dozens of smaller fish down into the lake.The fat-free fish made a series of excited leaps, creating huge waves, and then disappeared in the rippling water.Outside the cave, they got on their caterpillar and drove out into the desert.”When I get back, I’m going to go back to the lab and do my research and get away from all this,” Garcia said.Alice looked at Wang Kang and said, “I don’t want to be a model any more. I want to learn acupuncture with you. How about that?”Wang Kang pleasantly surprised to say: “of course good, you are so clever, a bit on the pass.”Garcia said ruefully, “So I won’t be seeing you on TV, my idol?”Alice ran her hands through her red hair and gave a big smile that revealed a dimple. “You can come to the clinic and I’ll give you acupuncture.”A gust of wind and sand swept over, imperceptibly obliterating the tracks.Wang Kang thought: I hope no one will come here and disturb those fat-reducing fish, let them live peacefully and freely here…Look forward to the new serials tomorrow. Please subscribe to the above wonderful stories from “Stories” magazine