Huaxia Nanshan Pine (Xin Enjoy version) whole life insurance won the title of “Annual Best-selling protection Insurance product”

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Recently, the second China Insurance White Elephant list sponsored by “Today Insurance” magazine and “Today Insurance” was released, and the Whole life insurance of Huaxia Nanshan Pine (Xinxiang Version) launched by Huaxia Life Insurance Co., Ltd. won the title of “annual best-selling guaranteed insurance product”.The whole life insurance conference of Huaxia Nan Shan Song (Xinxiang Version) was held on May 18, 2020. As a “C” product in the transformation of bank insurance channel enabling value, huaxia Life insurance achieved the sales record of “large single product” of 1 billion yuan in 30 days.With differential product design, diversified marketing strategies, as of December 2021, huaxia nanshan pine (xin enjoy) whole life item size premium of more than 20 billion yuan, of which more than five years to pay and pay insurance premiums accounted for more than 75%, services more than 500000 customers, both the unity of value and the size, power company’s business development with high quality.As an increased whole life insurance that meets the needs of wealth management, Huaxia Nan Shan Song (Xinxiang) whole life Insurance helps customers build an asset management mode suitable for high net worth families and an important defense line for wealth security.At the same time, China Nanshan Pine (Xin Enjoy version) life insurance has a number of product characteristics.First, secure lifelong partners.Product scheduled interest rate of 3.5% : to ensure positive growth of wealth, stable increase of assets.The annual insurance amount increases by 3.5% : providing lifelong security to ensure that the value of inheritance at ease.Second, it is suitable for all ages to choose.Huaxia Nanshan Pine (Xin Enjoy version) life insurance minimum insurance age is 0 years old (born and discharged 28 days), the maximum insurance age is 75 years old, regardless of men and women, all can have Huaxia Nanshan pine (Xin enjoy version) life insurance.Third, the family model to solve troubles.Huaxia Nanshan pine (xin enjoy version) life insurance, the death of the insured/total disability of the age of the corresponding payment ratio can reach 1.6 times, give you a full sense of security.The recognition of the industry and users is the driving force for China Life to move forward.In recent years, China Life has been adhering to the “product first” strategy, adhering to the core values of “customer interests first”, and vigorously meeting customer needs with a full range of product lines.Under the tide of insurance rate market-oriented reform, Huaxia Life insurance made full use of the reform dividend, optimized product design, expand market advantages, launched “Evergreen tree”, “Fulinmen”, “Xiyingmen”, “Nanshan Song” and other product series, to create a “good product in Huaxia” brand.