Ganzhou District East Street to carry out a solid gas pipeline safety hidden dangers of special rectification to strengthen the city’s security line

2022-05-15 0 By

In order to further strengthen the gas field safety supervision, comprehensive investigation and rectification of all kinds of gas safety risks, effectively prevent and resolve gas safety risks, and earnestly protect the safety of people’s lives and property, in recent days, Ganzhou District East Street solid development of gas pipeline safety risks special rectification work.In the renovation, the staff of the street emergency management office jointly with the staff of Kunlun Gas Company, carefully check whether there is corrosion, cracking, deformation, aging, running and leaking, being occupied and wires overlapped and other safety risks in the gas pipeline of residential buildings in the area under the jurisdiction.Record the problems found one by one, set up the problem rectification ledger, and guide the area units, property companies and residents to rectify within a time limit.At the same time, remind units, residential property, businesses and residents must improve the awareness of safe use of gas, regularly carry out safety self-inspection, enhance self-prevention and self-rescue ability, to ensure that nothing goes wrong.Up to now, 15 potential safety hazards such as gas pipelines and wires have been investigated.Next, the street will continue to grasp the safety inspection is not relaxed, regularly carry out gas use safety hidden trouble investigation, with the attitude of “full coverage, no dead corner, zero tolerance”, all kinds of gas safety hidden trouble “immediately check and change”, effectively protect the area residents’ life and property safety.(Tian Yang)