Spring is full please enjoy the “flowers”

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Spring flowers, peach blossoms, willow green and other very beautiful words, are to the full of spring to praise.I have not only enjoyed growing and appreciating flowers since my boyhood, but also enjoyed painting all kinds of flowers.I have used pen and ink drawing techniques to carefully create the Picture of Flowers, and invited the famous poet Mr. Bu Kaichu to compose poems for the picture of Flowers.As Mr. Bu Kaichu is a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor, every poem he wrote for the “Hundred Flowers” not only contains relevant allusions, but also contains the medicinal value of flowers and health knowledge.On the fourth day of the year of the Tiger, we will celebrate the beginning of spring. Please enjoy the original pictures of some of the works I created many years ago, and the decorative paintings of the theme of flower and bird paintings, as well as the sample newspaper of the poem and painting of the Flowers that I collaborated with Mr. Bu Kaichu, from which you can feel the beauty of flowers and enjoy the fun of “flowers”.Shang Yahong (phoenix information news editor in chief of the world beauty “reputation, public art academy in jiangsu province), vice President of the pen drawing pen drawing” peach blossom “manuscript” clivia original pen light painting “green feather spring” original pen drawing pen drawing the cyclamen manuscript adornment “rose” manuscript “beauty spring” original pen drawing “callas” manuscriptJanuary 4, 1998, “anhui southeast Daily newspaper” published poems with painting “Yumei” 1997 “Wuhu Daily” published poems with painting “Xin Yi” I wish friends: happy New Year!Happy and healthy!Release editor/Gongga Li Guangyou