Do you want to go to the tombs to meet your ancestors for the New Year?

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Today is the 24th day of the 12th month of the twelfth lunar month.According to the custom of our southerners, after they brought their ancestors home on the 24th day of the 12th lunar month, they would light incense, change water and serve rice to them every day. After burning incense, they would ring the bronze chimes, three times in the morning and four times in the evening, which is called “three in the morning and four in the evening.”This service ancestors until the seventh night of the first month to send ancestors to stop.At the time of the meal, he silently expressed his piety and invited his ancestors to drink tea and pour the tea wine on the ground, softly calling out in his mouth: “The ancestors Lord please have a meal.”Take the meal back to the kitchen and pour it back into the pot. Then the family can eat together.My mother had taught me all this etiquette and had asked me to serve dinner to my ancestors because it had to be a boy unless there was really no boy in the house.It rained lightly all day today.I waited anxiously for the rain to stop.It rained from the time I got up in the morning until five o ‘clock in the afternoon.”Rain and snow every year, not in March on the forty-ninth.”So rain is normal, why am I waiting anxiously for the rain to stop?This is because, can not remember from when, the local popular to the wild ancestral grave mountain to pick up ancestors home for the New Year.Year after year, it becomes a ritual.Therefore, I also like to go to a faraway mountain to pick up my ancestors on the 24th day of the 12th lunar month every year, even on such rainy days.This year is different, the cold rain is constantly underground, not good will wet clothes, causing serious discomfort.Old age, no longer as strong and strong as it used to be.Like today’s weather, if you insist on going to the grave, 100 percent disease.My father taught me the etiquette of bringing my ancestors home for the Spring Festival.In my memory, my father never said he wanted to go to the tomb.My father only told me with great care that I should be early to pick up my ancestors and not wait until it was dark. Since my ancestors were waiting outside, I should bring them in early.My father emphasized that there were three processes in picking up ancestors.The first is to light a pair of candles on the incense table, the table is arranged on the three sacrifices (chicken and fish), and then put six cups, divided into two rows, each row of three cups;First pour three cups of tea, then pour three cups of wine, this is called “tea before wine”.Then two men lifted the incense table, turned it 180 degrees, and pointed the candle fire at the door.Burning incense outside the gate, burning paper money, set off firecrackers, softly read in his mouth: “ancestors go home for the New Year ah!”All the men in the house fell to their knees and bowed down three times.After kneeling up, the first three cups of tea poured on the ground, said: “ancestors please drink tea”;Then he poured out three cups of wine on the ground and said, “Drink to our fathers.”The third step is to lift the incense table again by two people, and then turn 180 degrees so that the candle fire is facing the room.The table was carefully carried inside and docked to the back wall of the hall.Fill three more cups of tea. Fill three more cups of wine.Burn incense, burn paper money, set off firecrackers, three bow down.The ceremony is over, and the whole process is basically over.Finally, everyone sat together happily to eat the New Year’s meal.My father taught me these details in great detail and in great seriousness, and I did so every year, but he never said that we had to go to the grave to meet our ancestors.Why do we go to the graveyard to pick up our ancestors almost every year?I searched the Internet for this question.The Internet is also different.Some places don’t go to the Graveyard Hill, some places go to the Graveyard Hill;Some places pick up on the 24th, send on the third day of the first month.You can’t get the right answer online.So I asked the oldest man.A very old elders told me that over the years, more and more people go out to work, they are always outside, tomb-sweeping Day also do not go home to worship their ancestors, these people want to take advantage of the opportunity to go home for the New Year to express their feelings for their ancestors, so they personally go to the grave to meet their ancestors.That’s one thing.Second, the new grave in three years are generally grave to pick up, three years later, not grave to pick up.Third, some people like to carry out the extreme “left” line no matter what they do. In order to show their piety, they go to the grave to meet their ancestors.In my opinion, this answer is more reliable.So I wrote this down, and I wanted to hear your opinion.