NBA rebound monster breaks out, capture the best new love!She’s got the body of Kim Kardashian and the relationship history

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76ers center Andre Drummond had 16 points, 23 rebounds, five assists and three blocks in 43 minutes of 8-of-11 shooting in a 122-119 victory over the Grizzlies.Especially 23 rebounds, it was a “hanging class”, 10 of them offensive rebounds, completely blew Adams, the team in overtime victory over the Grizzlies, deserve the first credit!After the game, he rebounded 20+ rebounds for the fourth time this season, ranking him behind only Charles Barkley and Moses Malone in the past 40 seasons.Zhuang, meanwhile, became the most prolific 20-rebound player in a season since 1989-90.Speaking of “god” zhuang, the 2 meters 11 big burly, against invincible, elected in 2014 all-star rookie challenge most valuable player, once four times won the NBA best, this data so far this season, big probability will be great achievement “the best”, but as a center, drummond on the choice of independent to attack is unusual,In addition to the basket, there are only these means: low post singles, frame projection, pick-and-roll cooperation, and the efficiency has not been optimistic.But when it comes to grabbing rebounds, or Hugh has been “Zhuang God” remaining selling point, rebound skills and solid level of play, we still see in the eye, combined with his super ability to rebound the front court, such “Zhuang God” is undoubtedly the 76ers hope to see the spoiler in the basket.Born in 1993, Drummond will turn 29 this year, and his career has begun to decline. He has also gradually shifted his focus to his family. Last year, a heart-warming video of Drummond rescuing his son from the pool of his mansion shows the tenderness of the NBA monster.Drummond’s relationship history is very wonderful, almost all of his predecessors are white and rich and beautiful, and his current girlfriend is also hot and elegant. With “Zhuang God”, there is a bit of beauty and beast sense of both, but there is no denying that Zhuang God is happy, accompanied by the best girlfriend, the child is growing up and enjoying the afterheat of NBA bloom!