A popular anchorwoman has been accused of being “worse than Tuan Tuan” after a private message was sent to her.

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In today’s live broadcast industry, many female anchors with good appearance have attracted people’s attention.However, there are also female hosts who bring joy to everyone, such as the little Tuantuan who finished the reruns.Of course there are shut up state of temperament ceiling zhou Shuyi and pineapple match east.Her unique aesthetic made her popular on the Internet. “Do you like hippos?Say hey!”Let her get a “hippopotamus” elegant name, can turn other people’s ridicule into a self-deprecating meme, it shows that she is optimistic and cheerful personality.Similar to xiaotuan Tuan, Pineapple Saidong’s voice is very good, and personality is very lovable, many game circle and two-dimensional circle of water friends think she is very interesting.However, such an optimistic anchorwoman had to be operated on for health reasons. Before the operation, she had to stop broadcasting. After all, her health is more important than anything else.This is also after the small group, another popular female anchor chose to stop broadcasting.Since the start of the live broadcast, Pineapple Saidong has been attracting the attention of netizens, but he also knows that his positioning is not suitable for the direction of the body and appearance level, after all, there are a lot of high appearance level and good body anchors on the platform.Although she said many times her body is not good, but there are still many black fans have been on her total, this time off the air, she suffered a lot of malicious speculation.Bored with this kind of thing, Pineapple Saidong posted screenshots of the black powder online, and made it very clear why he stopped broadcasting.From these remarks, we can feel that she still attaches great importance to the cause of live broadcasting, but she has to stop broadcasting because of the heavy burden on her body. However, now she cannot bear so much black fans.This time the clarification, but many netizens know that such a cheerful host should bear so much pressure, many people on the Internet to defend him.In fact, not only pineapple game east, small tuantuan before the suspension of the time, is also full of rumors, many black fans are said that small tuantuan off the air is to have children with local tyrants.After the revival of small tuan tuan, the popularity and heat slowly warming up, did not lose too many fans.And these online gossip due to the popularity of the anchor brought a lot of traffic, but for the anchor is a great influence.Compared to Tuantuan, Pineapple Saidong seems to be worse, because her black powder seems to be more active, otherwise she would not be broken.There are black powder for any anchor is inescapable, because black powder is a host to black, and broadcast industry face is tens of thousands of audience, so the word will be infinite amplification, may be just one sentence is not important, but the black powder, there will twist the meaning of the other city, and in each big communication platform,So that some passers-by also slowly turned into black powder.As for the suspension of pineapple East, the announcement was also written clearly in preparation for the surgery, weight and appearance level has changed a little, unlike the appearance to meet the audience.After the operation is good, or will meet with you, when the time comes, I hope to bring you more laughter, Mitsuki Chenglin xiaobian also hope that this cheerful girl can recover early.What do you think about black powder?Please post your thoughts in the comments section.