Static headphones for $100: The KZ ZEX Pro is really good

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In the past, I only saw static earphones in high-end audio magazines. The price of static earphones on the market was over 1000, and the average consumer just looked at them.The principle of this earphone is the vibration film in the changing electric field, which can be accurate to micron. The thickness of the vibration film of the new generation of electrostatic earphone is 1.35 micron, and the most advanced moving coil earphone vibration film is at least 5 micron.Sound units have advantages over moving coil headphones.Static headphones aren’t as well known to most of us, but once you’ve listened to a song with them on, you’ll feel the urge to live without them.It’s just that static headphone technology and products are expensive and have been in the hands of a few companies for a long time.However, KZ, a Korean technology earphone company, has recently mastered the technology and released a new type of electrostatic earphone with excellent workmanship, materials and sound quality. The KZ ZEX Pro, priced at less than 200 yuan, has become extremely popular.Xiaobian also got this headset in the first time, let’s experience it together!The packaging of KZ ZEX Pro is compact, white and elegant, and extremely simple.The front of the package is a KZ ZEX Pro rendering, which looks very technological.Open the package, you can see the accessories, including: a double-ply mixed copper plated silver wire, 2 pairs of earphones, a pair of KZ ZEX Pro electrostatic earphones, warranty card.The headphones are available in mystery black and rose gold.Both are the use of aviation grade obsidian black zinc alloy radium KZ brand LOGO cover and import skin-friendly resin translucent cavity, metal texture combined with resin, eyes, black deep, full of sense of science and technology.The way of wearing around the ear fits the cochlear design, just like custom, the combination of industrial design and ergonomics, very texture.The structure of earphone directly determines that earphone can enjoy music quietly and sound insulation effect is extremely in place.Equipped with high-end 6-cell static coil iron hybrid earphone, 6-cell earphone system, namely moving coil moving iron plus static.Zinc alloy material of the earphone panel, transparent material around, the appearance of the level is not good.The earphones are a little heavy in my hand.There are three units inside the earphone, moving coil is not small, static unit also accounted for some volume.Double magnetic coil unit, low voltage electrostatic unit and high frequency moving iron unit, inside the 10 mm double magnetic circuit moving coil unit, 6.8 mm electret electrostatic unit, 30095 domestic moving iron unit, equipped with a complete set of 3 headset cavity.Unit transparent design, inside the moving coil unit, static sound and moving iron unit clearly visible, plus the rose gold panel, from different angles, beautiful jade general texture.The low-voltage electret electrostatic unit used by earphones, two electrode plates change to form an electrostatic field, thin and thin diaphragm, sound under uniform vibration of electrostatic force, compared with other specifications of the sound unit, low-voltage electrostatic unit has better performance and stability.The earphone adopts double pin interchangeable wire scheme (left and right). The random earphone wire is standard oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire, which is light and soft.In fact, the KZ ZEX Pro headset cable also adopts a transparent design, through the transparent protective layer outside you can directly see the silver plated data line inside, transparent silver line with transparent headphones, wearing it, temperament instantly pull full.Through listening to the music, it feels that ZEX Pro is more sensitive in the high frequency band of 20-40khz, which is stronger than the moving iron earphone.This may come from the advantages of electrostatic units, high density and the ability to restore details, the ZEX Pro is more detailed.In terms of hearing alone, ZEX Pro has clear sound quality and clear resolution, high frequency has a sense of energy, middle frequency has drive, and low frequency has a good sense of quantity and texture.Conclusion KZ ZEX Pro as an electrostatic earphone, sound quality is very good: 30095 high frequency moving iron unit, 6.8mm electret type low voltage electrostatic unit, 10mm double magnetic circuit moving coil unit altogether three groups combined together, the analytical power is very good.The price is only about 200, high-end static earphone is popular, the appearance level is online, and the sound quality is powerful. In addition to the value for money, KZ sticks to the consistent quality, so that consumers are very satisfied, so that the sound returns to the essence, really good.KZ ZEXPRO Static earphone In-ear moving coil moving iron static 6 unit hybrid drive flagship Fever HIFI music game live headset Headset Rose gold band mic (co-branded) official standard – JINGdong