Let me be your “eyes”, a 67-year-old charity runner who leads visually impaired people to light

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I used to think that the world of the blind was dark, or a changing spot of light, until I saw a sentence: “The eye of the blind is what you see with your right eye when you close your right eye.” After I tried it, MY heart trembled and I suddenly felt fear, and I couldn’t see anything with my right eye.No black, no white, just nothing.Then I understood xiao Huangqi’s “You are my eyes” inside the lyrics: “the black is not black, you say what white is white.When you meet someone with a congenital visual impairment, ask if your world is “pitch black.”They will feel confused. What color is “black”?The born blind can never imagine what black is…Of course, what I’m telling here is not a story about the blind, but a news story about a 67-year-old retired aunt who has been running marathons with the visually impaired for 6 years. I can’t help feeling with emotion.Yin Hong, who lives in Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, is not only a retired medical worker, but also an experienced marathon runner.Songjiang auntie, who is about to turn 67, has run 87 marathons and is sprinting toward her goal of 100 marathons.In addition, Yin Hong has been running for visually impaired people for 6 years.Through a thin running rope, she accompanied the visually impaired children out of the house, onto the track, fearless running in the dark, “see the dream” in running.Drive more than 10 kilometers to the appointed running place in advance, pick up visually impaired runners from nearby subway stations, accompany them to run around and take good care of them, and then send them safely to the subway after running.Yin Hong has been adhering to this schedule for six years since 2015.It is not difficult for one person to do a good deed once in a while, it is not difficult for one person to help one person once in a while, it is not easy to help a group of people regularly.Among the visually impaired runners Yin Hong has accompanied for a long time, the oldest are in their 40s and the youngest are “post-90s”.They all like to call her “Hongjie”.From 1km, 5km, 15km to half horse and full horse, Yin Hong witnessed them become cheerful and confident step by step and start a more wonderful life.In Dunhuang, there was a walking competition of “Ten thousand miles along the Ancient Silk Road”. Yin Hong’s encouragement and company led her to complete the 108-kilometer journey in four days and three nights.”He couldn’t see the road,” Yin recalled. “As a runner, I was his eyes.”One end of the rope is a visually impaired person who challenges himself, and the other end is a warm-hearted guardian runner. A running rope connects light and darkness.Many people think it’s a misconception that their visually impaired friends see the world as black, and that what they “see” is more like a bottomless void.For the challenge of marathon, many of us healthy people are difficult to do, let alone the visually impaired, need great courage and willpower to overcome many difficulties.Similarly, it is not easy for an old man in his sixties to run more than eighty marathons in a marathon of dozens of kilometers.The world is fair, because everyone has eyes;The world is not fair, because some people’s eyes are blocked by darkness.If the world closes the window on your heart and you wander in the dark abyss, lost, let me be your eyes.Although they can’t see us, we should see them. Kindness is the universal language of intelligence.Life lies in exercise, exercise has no age.Aunt’s spirit of sport and help others let the younger generation admire the heart arises spontaneously.Image source network –END–