Buy lobular rosewood, weigh useful really?

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Lobular rosewood, wooden hand more classic a string, early years, lobular red sandalwood is higher, the price of the player’s circle is small, and now, little hand string of a drop in the price of the common, ordinary appearance of lobular rosewood, everyone can play, this also let businesses had an opportunity, a variety of high imitation, counterfeiting lobular rosewood into the market,Let a lot of players have been cheated.And corresponding, the player circles, also with a variety of identification method of lobular rosewood of true and false, what to see color, texture, smell the fragrance, and so on, there is a kind of method, that is according to weight, however, weighing just many identify lobular red sandalwood one way, but many players put the method misunderstood.A lot of players feel, lobular rosewood is good as long as heavy, the heavier the better, but, in fact is not such, so below we parse, why the lobular rosewood weighs the difference lobular rosewood true and false and stand or fall is not reliable.Buy lobular rosewood, weigh useful really?Businesses only need 1 operation, instant broken power!First of all, let’s say, lobular rosewood weigh two purposes, one of them, in order to determine lobular rosewood of true and false, because the density of lobular red sandalwood itself is extremely high, and the other is difficult to achieve the density of lobular red sandalwood wood, so the standard 2.0 lobular red sandalwood beads, weight about above 60 g, other wood 2.0 reach this weight.Second, is to determine the quality of lobular rosewood, as is known to all, the density of lobular rosewood, oily, indeed in the late playing, meet products, so according to the density is equal to the weight divided by the volume, under the standard 2.0 volume, weight reached more than 60 g, it is good, more than 65 g, even excellent, if 70 g,That’s the best.So, because of the above two reasons, a lot of players particularly keen on buying a lobular rosewood weigh, but, this problem, the businessman is in the mind is very clear, in order to let the player at the time of purchase, feel oneself sell good quality of lobular red sandalwood, businessman, is a matter of routine, and only need a operation, the player’s weigh judge true and false, and the idea of quality,Instant defeat.So what in the end is the operation, can let the player painstakingly summed up for many years to judge the method of lobular rosewood, so instantly broken?One way to capture the player’s belief that heavier is better is to make the beads bigger.How do you do it?In fact, don’t players like heavy ones?Then, the size of 2.0 beads is actually 2.1 when it is sold. Although the beads are only made 0.1mm larger, the weight is much heavier than the actual 2.0 beads.Sometimes, a lot of players at the time of purchase, is a whole bunch of buy, can’t open it, according to the total weight so heavy, and then divided by the number, also can get the weight of each beads, but, you know in my heart, a whole bunch of lobular rosewood, including the weight of the rope, the weight of the spacers, plus a few disciple bead, if all the weight allocation to each lobular rosewood,That’s a big gap, too.So, the above is the business in order to crack the players like to weigh the method of this situation, this method, although there are many players are clear, but always feel that the difference is not bad, the impact will not be too big, but in fact, the impact is still very big.Want the routines of the dealer this method, that is at the time of purchase of lobular rosewood, to measure the actual size lobular rosewood, can do businesses large size so that break off, and if it’s with accessories or disciple lobular rosewood hand strings of beads and spacers, then it is best to open it to weigh, so just enough precision.But, after all, a lot of time, conditions do not allow to do so, so, we do not be too credulous weight judgment lobular rosewood true and false and quality of this point, to combine lobular rosewood brown eye, texture, texture, smell and so on related judgment standards, to comprehensive judgment, so that it is accurate enough.(Statement: Yunzhu Zen mind arrangement and editing, this article content and pictures from the network, thank the author carefully prepared.If you have copyright problems, please contact us, we will delete the first time.