From the first day to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, Jinyuan will rain a red envelope of ten thousand yuan

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What is the ceremonial sense of the Spring Festival?Buy a new coat?Or stick couplets?For modern Chinese, the most ritual is receiving red envelopes. Have you had any luck with your New Year’s red envelopes?Don’t worry, the Year of the Tiger wish officer — Greentown · Spring jinyuan will spoil you from February 1 to 7, 2022 (The first day to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year).Get your special red envelope for the Year of the Tiger. Click the link to forward the red envelope at any time within the activity period of seven days. The winning rate is as high as 100%.Floor 1, Maoye Shopping Mall, Chaoyang Road (west side of xinhuijia Times Square) Fire/heat/recognition/financing — Greentown · Chunlai Jinyuan — building surface about 130-173㎡ Riverside house surface about 115-143㎡ wide high-rise