How does the last person tie the rope?He’s the rock of the whole team!

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The tug-of-war ends with the player grabbing the rope with both hands. The rope goes under the right arm, back around the left shoulder, and back under the armpit. The rope is clipped under the armpit and dropped to the ground (of course, the other direction is also possible).You don’t need a rope.In tug-of-war, the last person is very important and the mainstay of a team.The last person to pull the rope is usually a tall, strong player.Because for the last athlete, weight is more important than strength.You can see that even though the last competitor is low, he is still the tallest in the team.In the tug of war, the last member of each team usually passes the rope under the right arm, then around the left shoulder through the back, and then passes it under the armpit. The rope is clipped under the armpit and hangs to the ground.You’ll see that the last tug-of-war player in the World Series did this with the rope.Why is that?Is it a coincidence?No, actually, there are two advantages to doing this with the rope.First, at the beginning of the game, after the last player uses both arms, the end of the rope is clamped by his arms. At this time, in addition to his arms, his back and shoulder can also exert force. Maybe such a little force can help the team win.2. Because the rope is clipped to one arm and carried over the shoulder, one end of the rope is thrown in front of the last athlete’s side, making it easier to control the direction of the end rope and not to trip yourself.Meanwhile, the last contestant tends to be the one who looks the most relaxed, with no grimace on his face.This doesn’t mean they don’t exert force, but they don’t need to exert brute force, they contribute more to their weight and steady rhythm.I have to say, the last player in the tug of war is the mainstay of the whole team!