When Calligraphy met photography ren Ran met Ma Yonghua to create conductor together

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The blue-throated bee-tiger has a very beautiful body shape, a very active personality, high flying ability, and extremely complex aerial posture.The blue-throated bee-tiger has the ability of hovering in the air, braking in the air and turning back to curve flight, as well as the ability to cool down and clean in the water in the hot and dry season when raising young.It flies in the air to catch bees, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects are handy.The blue throat bee-tiger’s dynamic nature makes it difficult to photograph.There aren’t many of them in existence, but they’re hard to find, and photographers take pride in capturing their beauty.In 2021, photographer Ma Yonghua and his friends traveled to the Dabie Mountains in central China to take this photo of the blue-throat bee-tiger after waiting for several days.In the morning, the warm side light brightened the full-spread wings of the blue-throated bee-tiger, and the blue-throated bee-tiger’s blue, green and brown-red colors were well displayed.The blue-throated bee-tiger, with its unfurling body and standing on the tender red branches, looks like a nature concerto conductor.Ren Ran, a famous calligrapher, loved small animals.She loved to see such a pretty bird with its neck so high.She used light ink to write: a path of flying red rain, qianlin scattered shade.It comes from the longmen Association of Kunming Xishan.The light ink accentuates the blue-throated bee-tiger’s haughty expression.The calligraphy below each word is like a jumping note, let the conductor play.Artist ren ran foshan, guangdong, China democratic league, member, a native of shanxi pingyao, who now lives in Beijing, in 1990 graduated from the xian academy, education graduate school of China art research institute landscape creation after the master’s program, China academy of art, Chinese calligraphy school high class, from the loess school leaders Liu Wenxi teacher.Currently he is the vice chairman of Chinese Women Painters and Calligraphers Association, the national first-class artist, the vice president of Foshan Branch of The Central Academy of Fine Arts of The Democratic League, the vice president of Beijing Rongbao Art Academy, the standing director of Thai-Chinese Cultural Association, and the member of the Youth Committee of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Guangdong Province, China.Member of Chinese Calligrapher’s Association, curator of Beijing Jingyi Art Museum.All the works of “When Calligraphy meets Photography” are co-sponsored by contemporary Art network and Color shadow Moji.The purpose is to use the senses with artistic conception, collision incomparable works of art.Using calligraphy to interpret photographic works, using photographic images to give an understanding of the calligraphy sensibility of intention.All works will be on tour in Beijing after the Spring Festival.