Yuan ‘an: Strengthen food safety supervision with “Internet + Bright kitchen and bright kitchen”

2022-05-30 0 By

Three Gorges Evening News: Cleaning, cutting, cooking, serving…At 10 o ‘clock in the morning of March 30, the canteen staff of Yuan ‘an No. 1 Senior Middle School are preparing lunch for students in accordance with the standard operation process.At the same time, through the “Internet + bright kitchen kitchen” supervision mode, the county market supervision bureau Mingfeng market supervision of the background command center is a full range, the whole process to record this scene.It is understood that Yuan ‘an adhere to actively explore the new mode of food safety supervision, since the county created a national civilized city, through the “Internet + Bright kitchen bright kitchen” intelligent supervision mode, further strengthen food safety supervision, improve the level of food safety assurance.”Internet + bright bright kitchen stove” wisdom regulatory model set is the traceability of raw materials, video monitoring, two-way radio, visualize, forensics, and other functions in the integration of digital technique, the food safety information, the site operation process law enforcement supervision personnel access to the computer or mobile phone, “live” type of remote monitoring, standardized management, make food safety production process can be clearly seen.”The traditional food safety supervision model is relatively single, not flexible and efficient.”Dong Bangjian, head of Mingfeng Institute, introduced that through the “Internet + bright kitchen kitchen” supervision mode, can real-time dispatch any business unit for supervision and management, to achieve the “technical defense” instead of “civil air defense”.It is reported, this mode by AI intelligent capture technology, to detect pesticide residues, and the employees did not wear masks, did not wear the uniform hazard problems, such as early warning, irregularities, and real-time to business units and regulators push alarm prompts, regulators can through the intercom function correct operation, timely remind practitioners may also directly “point to point” the door on the spot supervision shall be ordered to make correction,We will promptly address food safety risks.Since the county to implement “Internet + bright bright kitchen stove” regulatory model, different types of food and beverage business units have to join the supervision platform, network catering enterprises and star hotel, “Internet + bright bright kitchen stove” regulatory mode has become the industry standard, build up to the masses “security” on the tip of the tongue the stronger defence.Up to now, the supervision mode of “Internet + Bright kitchen and bright kitchen” has covered 617 catering units (including school cantons) in the county, with 775 online equipment sites, and corrected minor non-standard operations for 40 times, really getting through the “last kilometer” of food safety supervision.In the next step, the county will further deepen the use of “Internet + bright kitchen stove” supervision mode, and constantly improve the effectiveness of food safety supervision.(Correspondents Cheng Caiqi, Han Jiuzhou, Wang Yadan) The views expressed in this article are those of the author.The national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT