Another vw dark horse, more toy than Model3?Is it really not a rear-drive e-golf?

2022-06-01 0 By

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, all car companies are focusing on the fat meat of the new energy market. Even Volkswagen is no exception. In recent days, it has launched ID series of models one after another, focusing on the new energy market and competing directly with Tesla.The Volkswagen ID.3, for example, is very similar to the Model 3, but does not look like it.It’s not really the rear-drive E-Golf — Why the Volkswagen ID.3 is great: The chassis is tactile and more toy-like than the Model 3.Appearance.The ID.3 was actually launched in Europe as early as 2020, the first model born on MEB platform, but it came to China later than the newer id.4 and ID.6.In appearance, it is easy to find the IDCrozz concept car.Id.3 has a lot in common with golf, but only similar, not identical.The appearance design of ID.3 focuses on reducing the low wind resistance coefficient. The rounded body design and fully enclosed front face are all aimed at reducing the wind impact surface.The id.3 has very simple side lines. The sleek roof curve and large wheel rims dilute the high body height. The C-pillar style is very similar to the golf.Id.3 has a length/width/height of 4261×1778×1568mm and a wheelbase of 2765mm.With its black roof, steeply angled rear windshield and exaggerated spoiler, the ID.3 looks tough.Flat LED taillights complement the flat white Vw logo.Black rear doors and wide bumpers enhance the rear’s visual center of gravity, giving it an upturned feel.Interior parts.The INTERIOR of the ID.3 is certainly fresher than other VW models, but it still has a strong vw feel.The concise center console enhances the sense of space inside the car, but the materials used for the work are very difficult to make people satisfied, and the place within reach is almost all hard plastic.The three-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel is a classic vw style with a delicate leather surface and a good grip.The spokes below are decorated with ornaments of the same color as the body, with silver ornaments and piano paint buttons. The delicate feeling is still good, but the button texture is not good.The ID.3 LCD meter, like the other family members, is mounted on the steering column, effectively preventing the driver from blocking the meter after adjusting the steering wheel position.The information that can be displayed on the dashboard mainly includes speed and gear, and most of the other information can be read on the HUD.The 10-inch touchscreen display and operating logic are the same as those of other ID family models, but there are fewer features.The good news is that it supports CarPlay and CarLife mobile connectivity.Motivation.Id.3 shares the powertrain with ID.4xPure.Equipped with an APP310 electric drive assembly and an 8-module battery pack, the rear-axle PMSM has a maximum power of 125kW (170hp) and a maximum torque of 310Nm.The 8-module battery pack has a capacity of 57.3kwh and a comprehensive NEDC range of 430km.The power parameters are different from the overseas version. The German VERSION of ID.3Pro comes with a 9-module battery pack with a maximum power of 107kW (145hp) motor and an optional Performance component that boosts peak output up to 150kW (204 HP).Id.3 adopts the front McPherson + rear multi-link suspension structure commonly used in this class.Although compared with the overseas version, the rear battery module is cancelled, which changes the original load distribution, but the domestic ID.3 adopts rear-drive setting, which balances the front/rear axle load to a certain extent.Due to the cancellation of the rear battery module, the center of gravity of ID.3 moves forward as a whole, causing the front end to become heavier.The front of the car is a bit heavy, which doesn’t sound “sporty” enough.However, in theory, a small increase in front axle load can help improve the response of the central area, and small G value and small Angle steering will be more sensitive.The 170 horsepower doesn’t provide a lot of push-back, but the steering touch and fast power response make it a “get you” car.The rear-drive layout, narrow wheelbase and short length make the ID.3 as nimble as a rabbit.If I had to describe it, the ID.3 was a fat MX-5, not very powerful, but fun to drive.In general, Volkswagen ID.3 May have some shortcomings, but it is an attempt of Volkswagen in the field of new energy. It is believed that in the future continuous optimization, Volkswagen will be able to launch trams more in line with market demand.So, do you think Volkswagen ID.3 is more cost-effective than Model3?