At that time text 638- Helpful people, days not: the way is always more than difficult, encountered problems ideas to solve

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On July 25, 2016, I moved the mainframe to the maintenance department and turned it on.It’s broken! The system’s not working!Must be rebuilt!Oh, it’s all my fault!When the computer was shut down illegally, I turned it on again and again in a fit of pique, but it stopped working and stopped playing with me.Fearing that the problem was on the main machine, the repairman opened the main box, checked and cleaned the main board, CPU, fan and other parts, and then reinstalled the system.Worried that the problem lay in the power cord and socket, the repairman took a new power cord and asked me to buy a new socket.Over half an hour, system and all.It cost 50 yuan.I was still nervous when I put the new devices back together and turned them on.Because I’m not at all sure if something goes wrong with the computer itself or the power cord or socket.Sure enough, did not pass long, and automatic shutdown!Same old, same old!Tears!I came up with an idea: move the host, plug, power cord, etc., to another room and try using the power supply in another room.Miraculously, the power was on for a long time and the computer was safe!It was obvious that there must be a problem with the wiring in the house!But what went wrong?Still confused!In the middle of the day, I happened to see a master installing air conditioners in the other rooms of the landlord, so I went to him and asked him if he could check the electrical circuits to see what was wrong.He said it was okay to check the circuits, but it would take time, and he was busy this afternoon.Just wait. Thought by tonight, the electrician would be free.But evening came, electrician early home!After some thought, the landlord asked me to move the computer to another room and use it overnight.Later he changed his mind and left the computer alone, allowing the power cord to be moved to an outside plug.In this way, the computer will no longer crash.Either way, it’s all free.In fact, it doesn’t consume much electricity. The landlord doesn’t care, but the landlady may feel uncomfortable even if she doesn’t talk about it.All this happened yesterday.Rent is due today. Prepare to pay it this afternoon.In addition, there is another thing, is agreed with the landlord, because it is too troublesome to check the circuit, directly want to pull another line, through the electricity meter outside the door, connected to the computer.In this way, you can go parallel!In the afternoon, I went out to withdraw money, while out to buy thread.I went to several hardware stores, but I couldn’t find the right thread!Under the hot sun, doing a lot of useless work, what a bummer!When I returned to my room, I first took a picture of the water meter with my mobile phone, and then moved the stool to the door. I prepared to take a picture of the number with my mobile phone!Is preparing to pat, suddenly found inadvertently: electricity meter into the line and out of the line burned!It’s burning pretty bad!Is that the problem?On second thought, no!When the computer is turned on, the light flashes. It is parallel, and it is two ways. How can it affect each other?Isn’t that the problem with the road?The meter’s circuitry burns, and it can’t handle the load of the computer, so it goes to the protective intermittent low voltage circuit, and the computer, or the air conditioner, turns off illegally.Then turn on the lights and the fans, and you’re back on track.After explaining the problem to the landlord, the rest of the process is resolved by the landlord.The solution is to replace the electricity meter at the door and install a new one.The fundamental problem, with an almost absolute certainty, is the meter!Sure enough, the electricity meter changed, re-open the computer, no problem!Ha ha.After a lot of effort, it turned out to be the electricity meter!It seems that I should learn more about the practical operation of electricity in the future!But from the acquired habit, I have some “talk about electricity color change”, that is, to electricity, there is a condition to stay away.By now, the computer had been running safely for several hours, and the light bulb had stopped flashing and neighing.It’s nice!