The Huai ‘an Charity helped build a strong barrier against the epidemic

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In the spring of 2022, another round of COVID-19 came ferociously, scattered in the whole country and province.In the face of this new round of epidemic prevention and control situation, the whole city is united as one, and has become the best area in the province for epidemic prevention and control.In this outbreak of the critical moment, the zhuhai charity federation as actively, active response, and the implementation of the municipal party committee, municipal government about the epidemic prevention and control work spirit, guide public welfare volunteer orderly participation in epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law, give full play to its events actively participating in the charity volunteers, to save on “pure land” contribution to the charity.We will strengthen the prevention, control and management of the epidemic among charity organizations.At the time of this new epidemic, the leaders of the CCF paid great attention to the development of the epidemic, and organized the president’s office meetings for many times to study and formulate ways and measures for the charity to deal with the epidemic.Chen Hongyu, president of the Municipal Charity Federation, made several requests on epidemic prevention and control and the current work. He stressed that the epidemic is still spreading around the world, sporadic and local outbreaks are still occurring in China, and sustained efforts are needed to win the battle against the epidemic.Under the unified leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, we must constantly summarize and carry forward the spirit of fighting the epidemic, consolidate the achievements of fighting the epidemic, and protect the lives of the people.Volunteers of public welfare organizations should mobilize and guide more charitable forces to participate in epidemic prevention and control work in accordance with the law and in an orderly manner while ensuring their own protection and safety.To this end, the Municipal Charity Federation issued a notice on the topic of actively participating in epidemic prevention and control, and put forward specific guidance and requirements on the participation of public welfare organizations in epidemic prevention and control and the self-protection of volunteers, standardizing the implementation of the work.At the same time, in order to guarantee the charity work is not affected by the epidemic prevention and control, based on the principle of center office, city charity federation research immediately, director of the annual meeting held by the normal line is adjusted for in the form of communication, timely study of the related work, approved the annual work plan, ensure the normal work of the year.Organize and guide volunteer teams to participate in epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law and orderly.A trickle of good water brings together the public sector, and the fight against the epidemic cannot be achieved without volunteer services.At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, the volunteers of the municipal public welfare organizations are in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, shouldering the responsibility and obligation of volunteer service, and helping to build a solid barrier of epidemic prevention and control in the city with their hard work.In recent days, under the unified arrangements of local charity organizations and relevant departments, volunteers from public welfare organizations have braved the early spring cold and wind and rain to stick to their posts in accordance with the law and in an orderly manner.Participating in epidemic prevention publicity: Volunteers from qingjiang Pu District Let Love Sail Public Service Center acted as “epidemic prevention and control propagandists” in Kangcheng Mingzhu Community. Wearing red vests and holding leaflets for epidemic prevention and control, they traveled to and from each unit of the community.The volunteers of xinyuan Art Troupe propagandised the knowledge of epidemic prevention in Hongfu community, and sent “a letter to inform the general public” to each household in the community, reminding the public that relatives and friends came to the community in time to report and do a good job in home isolation and other work information.”Do you know the proper way to wear a mask?””Have you recently returned to the huai city personnel in your home?””Do you know what the ‘3+11’ health management measures are?”This is a true record of their work.Cooperation with community prevention and control: The Party branch of Qingjiangpu District Love Dedication Public Welfare Society organized volunteers to keep on duty in Shuxiang Huating community and Sun, Moon and Stars Community every day, and cooperated with community staff to inquire about migrants and vehicles, take their temperatures and check their health codes, so as to effectively guarantee the normal and orderly life of community families.Volunteers of Qingjiangpu District braved wind and rain to guard the front line of epidemic prevention and control at the entrance and exit of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway in Huai ‘an, checking the information of passing vehicles and passengers, checking every vehicle and every person, not missing every car and every person, and making good information registration to ensure no spillover of the epidemic.The volunteers of qingjiangpu Pu-French Association are on duty in Liushuwan Subdistrict Fuqiang Community.Volunteers from Lianshui Sunshine Service For the Disabled carry out volunteer prevention and control services in Zehuiyuan Community;To maintain the testing order: In the nucleic acid testing conducted on March 30, volunteers were urgently needed to maintain the order on the spot due to the wide range of spots.After receiving this notice, the city’s volunteers did not hesitate to arrive at the scene at 6 am to maintain the order of the queuing personnel.Key places disinfection: volunteers of huai ‘an People’s Diabolo Club disinfected fitness equipment one by one in Beijing Road Xiyanghong Square;Volunteers of Xinyuan Art Troupe disinfect fitness equipment at the civic fitness square of the South Gymnasium.Ensure the health of residents.These are just a few of the volunteers who participated in the epidemic prevention and control work in Huaian. In every corner of the epidemic prevention and control work and in the streets and alleys of Huaian, red waistcoats can be seen everywhere, which has become a red landscape of the epidemic prevention and control work in Huaian.It is their hard work that has helped build a solid barrier against the epidemic.(Lu Lizhi)