People’s Public Security Daily: “Binzhou: Do Our Best to Do Practical Things for the Masses”

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Today, the people’s Public Security newspaper to “Binzhou: Do our best to do practical things for the masses” for the title of binzhou Public Security Bureau to deepen the reform of decentralizing regulation and services to carry out solid services for the people to focus on the report.Binzhou: love to try our best to do practical things for the masses □ Zhang Jincheng zhou Beibei “service line is not good, point can evaluate, too convenient!”Recently, the citizen Li Xiansheng in binzhou city public Security Bureau traffic police detachment bincheng brigade vehicle management office finished business, through the evaluation of police software for the staff point a “thumb”.This police evaluation software is a small program launched by the traffic police department of Binzhou Public Security. The clerks can make a comprehensive evaluation of the window staff’s work efficiency, civilized language, service attitude, etc.When the evaluation result is “not satisfied”, the director and the responsible police will come to the window to intervene in the first time.This is an epitome of binzhou public security organs doing practical things to solve difficulties for the masses.In recent years, binzhou public security organs have deeply practiced the police philosophy of “taking the initiative to take the first step forward”, continuously deepened the reform of “delegating control and providing services”, introduced a number of reform measures, fully served the overall situation of economic and social development, released dividends benefiting the people and enterprises, and effectively improved the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses.In order to promote more high-quality and efficient public security services, binzhou public security organs have streamlined administration and delegated powers to the maximum extent.Through the optimization of mechanism process, 9 items of direct delegation of power, 8 items of delegation by delegation, and 6 items of window moving forward;The number of government services under which cities and counties have the same power was increased to 38, and all household review and approval services were delegated below the county level.16 procedures were streamlined, 42 certification materials were reduced, and the time limit for handling all cases was cut by more than half.Online verification of marriage, education, real estate, birth certificate and other information in household registration business, as well as compulsory insurance, purchase tax, physical examination report and other information in vehicle and driving management business can all be realized. The personnel only need to bring their ID card to handle 18 items of vehicle and driving management business.The municipal public security window service department took innovative service measures. On the basis of engraving the first set of official seals for newly established enterprises for free, it also issued electronic seals for all enterprises in the city for free, which greatly facilitated enterprises and the working masses.The comprehensive government affairs service hall of Binzhou Public Security Bureau has increased the number of public security government affairs service items from 15 to 66, and its business scope covers public security, household administration, entry-exit, drug control, coastal police, traffic police and other departments, realizing the transformation and upgrading from accepting single entry-exit business to accepting comprehensive public security business.In January 2021, the platform of “Binzhou Micro police” was launched. 141 items that are closely related to the masses, such as temporary identity certificate handling and wechat car moving, can be handled online. 63 items of personalized services can be provided to realize the self-service online handling.Since its launch, Binzhou micro police service has benefited 620,000 people.Among them, more than 92,000 certificates of no criminal record were issued online, more than 22,000 letters of authorization for vehicle management business were accepted, more than 17,000 temporary identity certificates were issued online, more than 16,000 people used wechat to move cars, more than 1,700 times for the filing of ships entering and leaving the port, more than 1,200 times for the filing of information of fishermen going to sea, and more than 2,000 appeals from the masses were accepted.Science and technology can create a 24-hour intelligent police station to better respond to the needs of the masses and better serve the development of enterprises, which is the driving force of binzhou public security government affairs service development.At the beginning of 2021, binzhou Public Security Bureau’s Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch will organically integrate household administration, entry and exit, traffic management and other window services to create a “smart police station” covering the public’s high-frequency public security service business needs in all fields in binzhou Government service Approval Center.Can provide 24 hours online appointment, independent management, the whole network, self-help printing, convenient inquiry and other whole-process contactless public security government services.In order to effectively extend the service antenna, binzhou public security organs have taken measures such as pooling resources, constructing scientific network and on-line electronic map of public security services as important ways to deepen the reform of “decentralization, regulation and service”, so as to build a “smart police station” at the door of the masses.Zouping Public Security Bureau in The Daxi police station, Huangshan police station can accept household affairs, entry and exit, traffic police and other more than 20 business “micro police station”, to provide diversified self-service for the masses.Beihai Branch has set up a self-service service area for self-acceptance of entry-exit business, self-endorsement of Hong Kong and Macao pass, self-acceptance of temporary identity certificate and minicab management business to comprehensively meet the needs of the masses.Up to now, the city has built 27 24-hour self-service areas, set up all kinds of self-service machines 84, serving the masses of more than 24,000 person-times, built comprehensive self-service areas and “intelligent unmanned police station” 4, provide id card, residence permit, passport, car driving management and other 4 categories of more than 20 high-frequency services.”Police +X cooperation” let the masses handle matters more convenient “my driving license is about to expire, urgent need to replace a license, go to the car administration is a bit far, where can you go to deal with?””You can go to ‘police medical post’ postal outlets for!””JingYi mail” service point, is the public security traffic police department under the State Council in conjunction with the WeiJian binzhou, postal and other departments jointly build cooperation convenient service outlets, residents in the service outlets can independently handle the termination of a driver’s license renewal, etc, enjoy the physical examination and take photos, information collection, business is dealt with “one-stop” services, such as documents then send home, reduce the cost and time.Binzhou city public security organs also created a “police and insurance cooperation point”, and the insurance company linkage cooperation, accept minor road traffic accident quick place quick compensate business.”Police-enterprise cooperation” authorizes enterprises such as comprehensive traffic service stations, AUTOMOBILE 4S shops and second-hand car trading markets to handle traffic management business nearby, deepens police-enterprise cooperation and promotes social agency so that people can handle business nearby.The traffic police, household administration, exit and entry departments of the city’s public security have carried out cooperation between police and enterprises, such as “police bank”, “police post”, “police insurance” and “police doctor”, to vigorously promote social agency of public security services, shorten the working radius of the masses, improve service supply capacity, and save people trouble, time and money to the maximum extent.The city has set up 44 service stations in the second-hand car market, 4S shops and other social service institutions, set up 20 cooperative outlets of “police, medical and postal services”, 90 vehicle safety and technical inspection institutions, 22 medical institutions in the city to provide motor vehicle drivers physical examination business, building a comprehensive and integrated vehicle driving management service system.The city’s 386 large, good reputation of electric bicycle sales enterprises as “with brand sales” service agency, convenient new national standard electric bicycle listing nearby, from the people running back and forth.