2022 Tiger Roar Dragon Teng Yang Ding new outlook: ten years, one sword and one new crown

2022-06-04 0 By

According to Nie Weiping studio report author Liz The arrival of the Year of the Tiger, Chinese Go ushered in a new page.With five individual world championships scheduled for this year, it will be a great opportunity for many players to forge ahead and soar.This plan will repeat the Year of the Ox for the top Chinese Go masters and look forward to their success in the Year of the Tiger.Looking back on 2021, for Yang Dingxin, it will be both “proud” and “frustrated”.”Proud” in the three southwest King champion, and entered the LG Cup final;”Frustrated” in the Heaven competition, rotten ke cup, chang Chess cup even received three runners-up.The top domestic competition in the bib a league is also mediocre performance, the chongqing team failed to break into the championship area.In 2008, at the age of nine, Yang dingxin successfully secured a spot and embarked on a career path.Then his series of performance, is worthy of everyone to his “genius boy” said.In 2012, at the age of 14, Yang Dingxin beat the world champion Pu Wenyao to become the youngest champion in a domestic professional tournament. Before that, he reached the semifinals in the Lanke Cup. He was also the youngest player at that time, the youngest player to reach the final of a domestic tournament, and the youngest player to reach the world Championship.He seems to have been born to set records.But the world is not short of talent, Yang Dingxin is also by doubling efforts than others, just stand out.Since childhood halo added body, and then broke out in China, Li Guang Cup, Weifu Room open cup, Advocate chess cup, Southwest Wang one by one won;But if you want to prove yourself, you still need to break through at the World Series.During this period, ke Jie and Fan Tingyu of the same year, gu Zihao and Sheerhao of the same age have won the world crown.But Yang dingxin has been unable to break through.Yang Dingxin had won seven consecutive victories in the nongxin Cup, but he did not show impatience or injustice. He was still calm and calm as a child.At that time he also and now Ding Hao, strength in place, waiting for the outbreak.Finally, in 2019, the explosion of Yang Dingxin came.At the 23rd LG Cup in 2019, he won his first world championship by defeating The 13-year-old LG champion Shiyue.It took Yang ten years to hone this sword, from the set stage to the world champion.He persevered through ten years of hardships and endless journeys.Three years later, Yang dingxin, already one of the world’s best players in chess, again competed in the LG Cup final against the younger and fiercer looking Shen Zhen.Born in 1998, Yang dingxin belongs to the tiger family, so he is also called “Little Tiger”, and this year is the Year of the Tiger.We hope our talented young Yang Dingxin can “add wings to the tiger” in the New Year’s first world Series final, usher in a new outbreak.(Liz)