Zhang Benzhi and brother and sister advance!The world champion performed strongly, and the ping Day mixed doubles final four was born in all Championships

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Zhang Benzhihe and his 13-year-old sister Zhang Benmeihe advanced to the semifinals of the Japanese Table tennis National Championship on January 26, Beijing time.The world Table Tennis Championships mixed doubles champion Masaharu Yoshimura, although not with his old partner Ishikawa Masumi, but also got a place in the last four.In the case that the Olympic champion and the national champion pair — Mizutani Hayabusa/ITO, Masayoshi Morien/ITO are not participating in the competition, the winner of the mixed doubles may have a certain impact on the next stage of The Preparation for the Olympic Games, which is worth paying attention to!In the history of the Japan Ping All Championships, Mimato ITO’s achievements are particularly outstanding: in 2018, 2019 and 2020, she won the gold MEDALS of mixed doubles and women’s doubles for three consecutive times, which is very powerful.However, due to the epidemic, only two events of men’s and women’s singles were held in the 2021 Championships, so her doubles legend did not continue.Meanwhile, Mimato ITO and Hayashi Mizutani had no desire to compete in mixed doubles after winning gold in Tokyo, so they dropped the event at last year’s World Table Tennis Championships and this year’s National Championships, which facilitated chang ben-chiwa/Hina Hayata’s rise.At the world Table Tennis Championships in Houston at the end of 2021, Zhang benzhi and Hina Hayata made it to the final to win the silver medal, but this year they struggled, winning their first match 3-2 and then 3-1, not showing the world runners-up style at all.And according to the arrangement, Zhang Benzhi and/early Tian Xina semi-final opponents will be yutian luckily vector/wooden original beauty – the former had defeated Zhang Benzhi leisurely and won full jin men’s singles champion, who ranked the first women’s doubles world (partner of Nagasaki pomelo), the two players in Japan is outstanding, so Zhang Benzhi and/early Tian Xina face a severe test.In the other half of the division, world champion Maharu Yoshimura also performed strongly, with Suzuki Rigo to advance.Before that, Yoshimura’s name had always been associated with Ishikawa, as they won the mixed doubles gold medal at the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships and the silver medal in the mixed doubles at the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships together, but missed the chance to compete in Tokyo.It is not easy for Yoshimura to reach the semi-finals of mixed doubles without ishikawa because of novel coronavirus infection and subsequent fracture injury in 2021. This shows that yoshimura is very good in doubles.For Yoshimura/Suzuki, the competition is against Kenta Tian/Mikazu Chang — yes, the latter is Chang’s younger sister, born in 2008 and not yet 14.But even so, the girl still broke into the mixed doubles semifinals, it seems that the strength of the two zhang Ben siblings is really very outstanding ah!So Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Hina can a station in the end won the gold medal?Ji village really fine can play with Ishikawa Kapure with the level?Can Miwa Chang become a Japanese national champion at the age of 13?How will Yukiya Uta and Miyou Kihara fare?The answer will be found out soon. Let’s wait and see.