China’s one-yuan lighting system dominates Europe, and the EU has tried to stop it for many times without success, and has been sued in court

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For a smoker, what is more important than smoking?I’m afraid it’s a lighter.There used to be a joke about sending three people to live on a space station for a year, but they could bring one thing they liked.The man who liked wine brought a bunch of wine, the womanizer brought two beauties, and the smoker who liked smoking brought a big box of cigarettes.A year later, the drunkard dismounted from the spaceship with a glowing face, the womanizer dismounted with two children and two beautiful women, and the chain-smoker dismounted pale and thin with blank eyes: “Too bad, no lighter.”It can be seen that a small lighter is actually very important. Although it is only such a small lighter, the industrial manufacturing capacity of a country is condensed on this lighter.In fact, we can think of, the more this small thing, in fact, it is not easy to make, just like the ball-point was blown out by some public.In fact, there are not many countries in the world that can make a lighter entirely by their own efforts, and it is such a small lighter, but also triggered a stab in the back between the two countries.Not simple Lighters Speaking of lighters, let’s get to know him first.A lighter? What is it, exactly?It’s a little pressure tank with a flammable liquid in it.When the small button of the lighter is pressed, the pressure sprays the combustible liquid inside into mist, and when the small button is pressed, the friction creates an electric spark that ignites the combustible liquid and turns it into a lighter.It looks so simple, but it’s actually quite difficult to make, if you want to.First speak lighter plastic shell, that at least the country made of plastic, so can change its shape made out of plastic, let it become such a plastic shell, and the plastic shell, its sealing to get very strict guarantee, flat lighter is imperceptible to the point, anyway just on the seal,That would be enough to stump most countries in the world.Can’t on the shell and the lighter is a color, which tend to spray some design, some lighter still can print ads, even with some qr code, this kind of technology you use color print, on such a small cigarette lighter, it is very difficult, is a top technology.And the lighter contains a flammable liquid, like kerosene or butane.As soon as the button is pressed, the liquid will be ejected and become a spray, which is better to be ignited. The technology of liquid to spray is also a test of technology, not to mention the electric spark inside the fire.It can be said that if a country’s technological manufacturing level and other relevant technologies are not up to par, even a spring inside the lighter is difficult to make, so it is not easy to make a lighter.And how much do we need to buy a lighter?One yuan, two yuan, even buy a packet of expensive cigarettes, the boss will directly give a lighter, this low price makes the lighter not eye-catching, even think the lighter is not very valuable, but the truth is not so.In 2015, China’s Xinhai Group developed the fifth-generation constant-flow valve lighter. It took 8 years and more than 100 million yuan to successfully develop the latest type of lighter, which is the first as cross-flow valve lighter in the world.But who was the first to worry about the news?The first countries to worry are Europe and the United States.Why is that?Because make lighter this kind of technology before, also be euramerican country “patent”, eurAmerican country is making lighter respect, also be in monopolistic position.It can be said that in Europe, The United States and Africa, the price of lighters are determined by them, but in our China broke the monopoly of this kind of technology, is undoubtedly to their cake to mercilessly robbed of a piece.At present, we in China make nearly 15 billion lighters every year, 15 billion lighters ah, now there are only about 7 billion people in the world, in terms of quantity, our lighters for other countries is an absolute crushing advantage.And make so many lighters, we naturally is not only satisfied with the domestic market, export has become our must choice.Not only now, we export lighters, in fact, after the reform and opening up, export lighters, has become one of the choices of our Chinese businessmen.In 1992, China exported 50 million lighters to the United States. Because our lighters were small, convenient and, most importantly, cheap, they quickly took over the American market.With such advantages, in 1994, China exported nearly 300 million lighters to the United States. At that time, most lighters in American supermarkets were all Made in China, and even some farmers in American villages used Chinese lighters.All of a sudden, the United States was alarmed.A lighter sold for a dollar, this is close to 300 million lighters, that is 300 million ah, a dollar the United States can not worry, but 300 million trade outflow, this makes the United States how can not worry?But in the United States there, but also do not want to seriously compete with China, even if it is to fight a price war with China, the United States is too lazy to play.The United States government, with its own sense of trade protection, directly announced a law that, in order to “protect children,” all lighters priced under two dollars should be fitted with a “child lock.”This, can let The Chinese businessmen dumbfounded.There is no other reason, at that time only Chinese lighters because of the large quantity, so the price is under two dollars, and at that time, China’s economy is still in a rough development, a lot of related management experience, knowledge reserve are not sound, children lock?What is a child lock?The law is clearly aimed at Chinese lighters.So, after this law was passed in the United States, all of a sudden, almost every supermarket in the United States was saying no to Chinese lighters.In 1996, China’s exports of lighters to the United States dropped from nearly 300 million to less than 100 million.The same thing happened in Europe.Lighters of Our country almost occupied the whole European market, which made Lighters of Europe in trouble, especially France and Sweden, which are big manufacturers of lighters, so the European Union also started a siege to block Chinese lighters.And if the US is using legal means, then the EU is doing it dirtier than the US by using naked tax means, directly raising taxes on Chinese lighters.Everything from customs taxes to sales taxes has increased, almost imperceptibly raising the cost of selling Lighters in China by half.However, the EU is not a whole. In some countries, such as France and Sweden, we cannot sell. We can also move to Greece and Norway, which are remote or small countries to open up the market, and fight a guerrilla war.But not long after, the EU decided to mobilize “superior forces” and fight a showdown with The Chinese lighters.In 1998, Luo X, president of European Lighter Import Association, sent an email to Huang Fajing, president of Wenzhou Cigarette Set Association.In the email, Klaus said only that the EU would introduce laws to restrict Chinese lighters.This is not an email. This is a challenge.Interestingly, this Roux is one of Huang fajing’s clients.Are you done?But we lost once in America, how can we lose again?Excess production forces us to try our best to keep the overseas market, which is a battle we cannot lose but win.In terms of their own products, many lighters manufacturers in China have joined forces to urgently improve their lighter products through technological upgrading, so that Chinese lighters meet the legal requirements of the European Union.And then, we have to face the EU anti-dumping investigation, and even the EU has taken us to the EU court.What is an anti-dumping investigation?To put it bluntly, the EU thinks that you sell lighters in China at such a low price just to make our lighters in Europe out of business. You are totally making money at a loss and engaging in malicious competition, so we have to investigate you.In this case, the cigarette lighter businesses, many of China’s university of China, and contact the relevant experts and scholars, everyone together to brainstorm, issued a lot of relevant information, its core idea is a, we Chinese cigarette lighter while selling so cheap, but that’s because we Chinese lighters original cost is low, so cheap that sell, also have profit to be made,It is not deliberately to lower the price, to fight price war with you, so that the lighter business in Europe can not go on.What does the European Union matter in the face of Chinese solidarity?In 2003, the EU finally dropped an “anti-dumping investigation” into Chinese cigarette lighters, but has remained tight-lipped about the outcome of the investigation.Chinese private enterprises against foreign government, but also against win, this is our China after joining the WTO, obtained a victory of non-significant significance.Why is it that every time we Chinese break a foreign patent, foreign countries look so anxious?The most important reason is because we have broken foreign patents, broken foreign monopolies, so that they can no longer lie back and make money.Lighters do that, shield machines do that, ballpoint pens do that, a lot of things do that.Moreover, China is gradually optimizing its industrial structure and upgrading its technological level. The technological level of those things that we have broken foreign monopolies is also getting higher and higher.Just like in the past, we broke the monopoly of the shield machine, so that the original millions of a shield machine, less than 100,000 can be obtained at last, became the “cabbage price”, and the manufacture of ballpoint pen tip, but directly let a group of foreign manufacturers of ballpoint pen tip all went bankrupt.Now, we’re attacking semiconductors, we’re attacking lithographs, we’re attacking chips, and once we do that, the iPhone will no longer cost tens of thousands of dollars.Why is it that an iPhone can be sold abroad for several hundred dollars and only cost an American a few days’ salary, but in China it costs tens of thousands of RMB and requires a worker’s salary of nearly two months to buy it?Is such a huge gap, it is because foreign monopoly status, is because they want to say how much money is how many money, but we need to do is constantly breaking their technology blockade, break their monopoly of science and technology, constantly tore off their hypocrisy, tear off their aura, let made in China to created in China, standing at the top of the world to tell the world,So can the Chinese.