Lesson 519: Shuo Wen Does not have the Word “shoe”. How did ancient People express “shoe”

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First of all, I wish you a happy New Year.Then our “Shuo Wen Jie zi” course, the “revolution” department of the four characters: “䩡, (Ge Tu), 鞵, 靪”.These four characters, only “鞵” is relatively common, because it is the ancient use of the “shoe” character, is the focus of this lesson Chinese characters.The details are as follows: 1. 䩡.There are two pronunciation :(a) jia.This is the phonetic version of “Shuo Wen Jie zi” annotated by Zhonghua Book Company, and the explanation is: “鞮䩡 sand.From leather, from clip, clip also sound.”Understanding and picophonetics.The original meaning is a boot named 䩡 sand in leather shoes.Regarding “䩡 sand”, Duan Yucai’s Notes on Shuo Wen Jie zi said: “The name 鞮 sand is 䩡.䩕 (Mugu) and 䩡 (sha) are all In Chinese.This is ð« this avalanche ‡It’s actually a boot without a plug in front of the shoe.Why is it called sand?GUI Fu “say text righteousness card” : “all classics sound righteousness” volume 14: ‘foreign plants if skin if flowers and other not five flavor, difficult to eat, the name of Gasha.Fu said: d « this is ‡, lack of sleeve monk clothes, such as vegetation not five flavor, all have sandBecause the natural history of ethnic minorities is not well developed, so we did not find the corresponding picture, 䩡, we can only imagine and understand.䩡 also refers to the root.”Cut rhyme · Consistent rhyme” : “䩡, tie root.”(2) GE.This pronunciation comes from Jiyun.(1) Ligule.”Jiyun · Jiyun” : “䩡, ligulai.”(2) Same as “鞈”.Breastplate of ancient leather.”Jiyun · Jiyun” : “鞈, defense also.Or from the clip.”Chapter Sea category · Birds and Beasts · Leather Department: 䩡, defense.Also called 鞈.”(leather breastplate) the xiaozhuan writing method of “䩡” is shown as follows :(䩡 xiaozhuan writing method) 2, (ge tu).Read x ǐ.The explanation given in Shuo Wen Jie Zi is: “鞮 belongs to, from revolution, and migrates sound.”Pictophmetic characters.The original meaning is a kind of leather shoes.A lot of shoes.Shoes.Xu Kai “Said the text department biography” : “this word is now common as a shoe.”Tang Huilin, All jing Yin Yi: “Heinous, ancient (Geli), (Gejiu), 踄.””Shuowen” does not include the character “loathy”, which is a later-born character and has three forms in ancient times.”(ge migration)” xiao zhuan as shown in figure :(ge migration) xiao zhuan writing method 3, 鞵.Read xie.The shuo Mun Jie Zi explained, 鞵, Ge Sheng 鞮 also.From change, ridicule.”Pictophmetic characters.The original meaning is shoes made of raw leather.Here “leather”, Duan Yucai, Wang Jun think should be “leather” copy by mistake.Xu Kai “say text department biography” : “this custom for shoes.”Shi Ming: 鞵;The solution also.When, shrink it, such as shoe;However solution on its, then shu solution also.”(鞵) In fact, 鞵 is now the word for shoe.Qiu Xigui believes that the shoe is a new character derived from the character “鞵” after the substitution of “sonobang”, and the reason for the change of sonobang is “entirely to save strokes” (The Commercial Press, Introduction to Philology, Revised Edition, July 2013, page 169), which we believe is credible.(ancient hemp shoes) Tang Huilin “all through the sound of righteousness” volume 15 cited “testimony common sound” : “鞵, this country only to hemp, south soil all yi miscellaneous to skin silk and leather all things.”In the ancient culture of central Plains culture as the mainstream, the surrounding nationalities make shoes with leather, and the shoes of central Plains area are made with hemp, so the leather 鞮, shoes, are not the respected people are wearing.The central Plains area called shoes “lu”, the surrounding ethnic use “鞵”, “shoes” is a later word, later people collectively called “shoes”.Du Fu “past tour” : “Yi Ci qing 鞵 callose, wang Jin seven medicine”, this “鞵” as “shoes”.The xiaozhuan writing method of “鞵” is shown as follows :(xiaozhuan writing method of 鞵) 4, 靪.Read and ng d.The explanation given in Shuo Wen Jie Zi is: “靪, make up for it.From leather, jingle.”Pictophmetic characters.The original meaning is to fill the shoes.Xu Kai “say text department biography” : “today’s shoe bottom to the line is called the nail bottom is also.”Duan Yucai “say wen jie word notes” : “today’s common call patch yue patch (D).”Guangya · Exegesis Iv: “靪, buye.”Wang Niansun “wide elegant thin card” : “the words of 靪 are ding also.”Therefore, 靪 also refers to the patch on the clothes and socks.In addition to the original meaning, “靪” also refers to the stirrups on both sides of the saddle.Also called “stirrup”.Yuan Dynasty Zhang Kejiu “win laurel ling · Meet the heaven jar” : “is reciting poetry to meet you immediately, yesterday evening Qin Guan, today Wu Men, embroidery hatSui Shusen note: “group of pearls” treasure nailing for treasure (ge Deng).The xiaozhuan writing method of “靪” is shown as follows :(the xiaozhuan writing method of 靪) (519, some pictures are from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original copyright owner)