Configuration of high preferential strength but general sales, Buick Angko flag what slot point?

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In the price range of 300,000 yuan or so, Buick Enko Flag is undoubtedly the most cost-effective in a large SUV, as long as domestic consumers can think of the demand it can basically meet.If you want space, you can choose from two models: seven-seater and six-seater.Want power, the whole system standard with 2.0t +48V light mixing system, book parameters can play very;If you want to configure, both the driving assistance function and multimedia function are in place. Compared with other models at the same price, this cost performance is absolutely outstanding.But looking at the car’s sales, it doesn’t look like people are buying it.Although this car also sold nearly 30,000 units last year, ranked fourth in the sales list of medium and large SUV, but in August a modified model did not stick to two months, in October began to slump, since then the sales have not much improvement, is it not saved it?Or is there something wrong with this car?Let’s take a look.On the appearance, buick Anco flag shape has maintained a consistent sense of luxury, especially the Via version, is still used to be the “big Buick” image, exclusive Haig wine red coating and a large number of chrome plating ornaments make the vehicle has a high recognition.On the front, there are two designs.The conventional version of the model is the use of flying wing type air grille, with unique split headlights on both sides, the visual effect is very simple and neat.Avea’s version of the car is the exclusive three-dimensional mesh grille, through metal weaving aesthetic techniques and geometric forward-looking parametric technology, so that the car’s front grille modeling presents an elegant visual sense.The sides are compact, but because of its small size, the car has a lean and long feel, even for mid-size suVs, but it doesn’t look bloated at all.The rear adopts a wide body design, and the taillights on both sides are connected by a penetrating chrome trim, which visually elongates the width of the rear and makes it look more mature and stable.Into the car, the interior of the whole car revealed a thick “Buick flavor”, but with buick other SUV models is different, buick Enko flag using a large number of soft materials in the piano paint radium carving and French with the same color double stitching embellishment, creating a more luxurious interior atmosphere.The Avea version, in particular, pushes the luxurious atmosphere to the extreme with its own ivory color scheme, suede roof lining and its own plush ottomans.In terms of configuration, Buick Enko flag is unwilling to lag behind, a joint venture model to give a person “entry that beggar version” stereotype.Aside like tire pressure display, brake assist, stability control, automatic parking, commonly used basic functions such as hill auxiliary is all standard, even the lane departure warning system, lane keep assist system, active braking/active safety system, car reverse side warning system, 360 – degree panoramic image such as advanced driving assistance systems are not absent,This configuration performance can be said to be quite complete.In the power part, buick Anco All models have replaced 2.0t +48V light hybrid system powertrain, can provide a maximum power of 174kW and 350N·m peak torque, only from the parameters of this power performance can meet the driving needs of most people.The transmission system is matched with a 9-shift automatic transmission, among which the INTEGRATED WLTC fuel consumption of Avea version reaches 8.15L/100km, and the fuel economy performance is relatively average.At the same time, this car can only be filled with no. 95 gasoline, the later fuel is also a large cost.Overall, you’d be hard pressed to find anything wrong with the Buick Enco.Luxury appearance, complete configuration, strong power, no matter in the same level of models or models at the same price have a great competitive advantage.But why haven’t sales taken off?A big part of the reason is that this car does not make a big breakthrough. Although the overall feeling is still luxurious, it is not as good as BBA. There is also a little novelty in the modeling, which gives a feeling of “high or low”.So in addition to just “piling up” and cutting prices, Buick will also have to work harder on its products.