If there is nothing wrong, there must be a reason

2022-06-10 0 By

If there is nothing wrong, there must be a reason.Things are not random, there must be a reason for it.There is a reason for everything in heaven and earth, and it is not false.Everything can have its variables, we can not predict the variables, we have to let it be.Every thing has its inevitable reason and value of existence. There are some things that we do not infer from ourselves casually. Sometimes, what our eyes see is not necessarily true, and what our ears hear is not necessarily true.No matter what happens, have faith in your own judgment, ignore others, and have faith in yourself.Live in this world, don’t be too entangled, entangled with right and wrong, is and is not, in fact tangled these useless, will only let yourself into distress.People have feelings and desires, concepts of right and wrong, as well as their own values. Therefore, human nature itself is contradictory. Our ideas or our values will also run counter to the world.Trouble comes from ourselves, more like a tangle of self, human or contradictory, thinking about things and problems will also feel contradictions and entanglements.Life is a choice question, the answer to the choice question is clearly in our hands, everything depends on our own choice.Even if one day we will break away from the world or go against it, we will find our own world and find our own way.