Shanxi winter Olympics, snow and ice sports are burning

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is destined to go down in history for the development of Ice and snow sports in China.Su Yiming from Shanxi won the silver medal in the snowboard slopestyle final, creating the history of Chinese men’s snowboarding.This is not strong for ice and snow sports shanxi distance to achieve a further strong province.Shanxi winter Olympics, snow and ice sports are burning.In recent years, the Party Committee and provincial government of Shanxi Province have attached great importance to the development of ice and snow sports. Centering on “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, they have actively promoted the popularization and development of local ice and snow sports, showing a development trend of “multi-flowering” in Shanxi.At present, the province has more than 50 venues for ice and snow sports, covering an area of 2,635,100 square meters, with more than 5 million people participating in ice and snow sports.Our province has established professional sports teams in snowboarding, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon and curling, with more than 200 athletes in training.There are 10 national referees and 30 first-class referees in snow and ice sports.The first trial of shanxi ice and snow Sports project is “ice and snow into the campus”.In May 2020, Shanxi Ice and Snow Sports Center signed a “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Taiyuan 53rd Middle School, making the school the first reserve talent base for ice and snow projects in Our province.Then, on September 7, 2020, Shanxi opened its own campus hockey team and ice hockey base.Shanxi Ice and Snow Sports Center and Shanxi Tongbao Yujie School officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which is the first reserve talent training base in “ice hockey” in our province, and also the first “school-level ice hockey team” in our province.At present, there are more than 20 reserve talent bases and training bases for ice and snow projects set up by colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, ice and snow venues and clubs in the province.Shanxi “ice and snow map” appearance appears at present, Shanxi “ice and snow map” structure appears at first: with the help of the national implementation of the “hundred cities thousand ice” plan, strive to build dozens of air film ice rink in the province;In terms of events, we strive to create a number of national quality skiing events;In terms of competition, we strive to achieve excellent results in domestic and international competitions at all levels.In order to further strengthen the promotion and development of ice and snow sports, Shanxi Sports Bureau has organized and held a series of ice and snow activities and competitions.With the help of “the eighth National Public Snow and Ice Season”, the launch ceremony of “Shanxi National Fitness Public Snow and Ice Season” was held, and the public welfare activities of “Welcoming the Winter Olympics Snow and Ice Carnival” were held.The National Speed Skating Marathon Series “Skating to Beijing Winter Olympics and Promoting youyu Spirit” was held in Youyu County, Shuozhou City.Held “Provincial ICE Hockey U Series” at Yunzhonghe Ice Skating Hall in Xinzhou City;With 30 days to go before the Beijing Winter Olympics, Shanxi University held the launch ceremony of the “Help Beijing Winter Olympics” ice and snow season activity at lingde Lake Ice Skating Rink.Shanxi’s su Yiming’s wonderful performance in the Winter Olympics has attracted all the major media to report it.”Blockbuster” “make history” “young can be”!Almost every media outlet has used such adjectives to describe and sum up Ms. Su’s achievement at the Winter Olympics on Feb. 7.Chen Anping, a member of the Provincial COMMITTEE of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and a professor at the School of Physical Education of Shanxi University, believes that Su yiming’s silver medal can play a leading role in attracting people to participate in skating and skiing and promoting the better development of snow and ice sports in Shanxi.Chen anping said that The climate in Shanxi is suitable and the scenery in the north is unlimited, which is very suitable for the development of ice and snow projects.It is only 500 kilometers away from Beijing, and can be a back-up place for ice and snow events.Shanxi has built many snow and ice gymnasiums, but the public has not paid enough attention to them. Now, through the ground rolling communication of major media, I believe that the cause of snow and ice sports in Shanxi will surely usher in new development opportunities in the future.In the past two years, more and more ice and snow activities have also entered the public horizon: Youyu Xikou Ice and snow Carnival, Xinzhou Yunzhong River public ice and snow Season, datong’s first ice and snow Culture Festival, attracting many ice and snow lovers to participate in the experience.Jinzhong is an area with relatively concentrated and rich ice and snow resources in the province. Data show that it has received more than 300,000 skiing (ice) lovers in the 2020-2021 ice and snow season.It is understood that the city built a mature standard operation of the ice and snow stadium all 10.Last year, the Kowloon International Ski Resort invested in upgrading the ski area, increasing the outdoor skiing area to 300,000 square meters, with the longest ski run reaching 1,800 meters.With the progress of the Winter Olympic Games, the fierce competition veers people into high-intensity whimper, and more and more people fall in love with ice and snow sports. This winter, ice and snow sports have become a popular option in public life.Shanxi cloud media copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact 2022, will be better and better!