Are restaurants less popular after COVID-19?Don’t worry. Use these moves

2022-06-15 0 By

Shop business, and will not has always been popular with scenarios exist, but many restaurants of entrepreneurs to once see the phenomenon of popularity fell, I started at sea, looking for ways to go, but may backfire phenomenon appear, want to know the customer just to busy shops to curious eyes, and walked into the shop to consume,Hot and dry noodles to join the bowl sister concluded, no matter whether someone or not, let the store has an active atmosphere, the more busy, customers will enter the store to consume.1, personnel interception can go to let the waiter in the store go out to stop customers, find a better position, close to the store door, more people flow, not far from the elevator, the entrance of the store.When you meet customers who are interested but hesitant, you need to say something to stimulate them, such as a brief selling point of the restaurant.In addition, since there are no customers in the store, employees are not allowed to sleep or play with mobile phones in the store. Employees who take the initiative to stop customers will be rewarded.2, atmosphere intercept people, to have temperament to attract attention;And stores, to attract customers to have an aura.Hot selling atmosphere, special materials, strong colors, unique products, etc., are able to attract customers’ curiosity, guide customers to have associations, so that customers are willing to walk into your store and understand your store.3, product interception product interception, make full use of people’s curiosity and curious psychology, in the store to show the selling points of products, attract customers into the store, let the product live and move.The goal is to get the product moving and attracting its unique selling points.4, to create a sense of busy use of space time, check the goods again, responsible for the store, but also responsible for the customer.Although these are through the manufacturer’s formal quality inspection, but there will inevitably be omissions, so the inspection is to ensure customer satisfaction.It is a basic way of operation to arrange and supplement products and keep stores clean and tidy all the time. If there is no customer consumption, do not leave the impression of slovenliness.Into a bowl of hot-and-dry noodles with a delicious taste attracted many investors want to venture, the brand is a good project cooperation, after joining is the ability to get good profits, brand new headquarters research and development of new product on a regular basis, on the basis of the original constantly improved, more fit the local tastes, let its franchisees turnover rise ceaselessly, hurry up to join us,A safe choice to start a business.